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FT Storch - Motor & Prop Choice

So I'm nearing the completion of the FT Storch build (applause...) So, I was testing my electronics and I nearly killed my Leopard Hobby LC2826-12T 1380kv with a 9x6 prop. Got it all the way up to 25A (max for motor is 18) and I smelled something so I shutdown immediately. Seems like I saved it for now. The recommended prop is 8x4.3 which should put out 178W @ 11.1v.

OR... Should I swap that out for my Park 480 1020kv with a 10x7 (says can do all the way up to 12x6). It supports 22A continuous and 28A burst. I have a Turnigy 30A ESC which I'll keep in there for now and check the temp if I set it all up (I have some 40A's I can use if I need to). This motor can put out upwards of 275W, but I don't want to OVERPOWER the plane either - I'm still a newbie to all this.

Lastly, I also have 2 Emax Mt2213 935kv 2212 Brushless Motors which appear to be rated for 18A with the included 1045 props. I can't find wattage output, but I was also kinda saving these for a dual-motor build since they're matched.

OK, I'm all ears!

(I won't mention my 3 2200kv motors that can't go much above a 6" prop; I know those won't work ;))


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What you need to power your Storch greatly depends on 1) how much does it weight, and 2) how agressive will you fly it. Please take a look on this video:

FT Storch light

The plane on this wideo weights approx. 750g/26oz AUW, and is powered by 80W 24g hexTronik motor and 18A Plush speed controller swinging 8x4 GWS Slow Fly prop. The Storch is a beautiful plane: it doesn't need much to keep it in the air. Everything else is just what you want it to do above that; nothing else.

Good luck, and have fun!
Thanks, that helps a lot. I'll stick with this motor and size the prop down and give her a few test runs on 850mAh, 1200mAh and 2200mAh batteries and see where the sweet spot is (hopefully not 1200mAh because I only have 1 of those, I have 4 of each of the others).

Can't wait to maiden this thing!
I have a turnigy 3530-14 1100 kV with a 10x5 prop on mine, and I can fly for over 10 minutes on a 2200. I can also fly knife edge, do loops as big as I want, and all sorts of other silly things with that motor. It really doesn't take much to keep a Storch in the air. It would be crazy powerful with the 480 and the 10x7. But it would fly great with the 2826 and the 8x4.3 prop. I am constantly amazed how slow the Storch will fly.
I've decided to leave the 2826 and get the 8x4.3 prop from the local hobby shop. I just weighed the craft which still needs landing gear, but it came in (with a 2200mAh battery) at 717g. Not bad I'd say....

Thanks to you all. I'll be flying this thing this weekend!!!


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I run a 2217/16 1050kv Cobra with a 9x6 or 10x7, and it flies really well with either. With the 9x7, it flies more like a trainer, and the 10x7 will let you hover ;) I run a Viper 25amp esc and it gets warm with the 10x7, but never hot. The 2826 will work just great, and I know you will be happy with the Storch. Have any pics?
Here's the only one so far. I put an actual windshield in... If I can reinforce the area I have side windows I want to add. I'll post a few tomorrow after the landing gear go on and I get the right prop installed. With any luck I can maiden it on Friday morning. Going to take it easy on day 1 though, I'd hate to fly for 5 minutes and have to go home to fix her for 5 hours. Landings and some touch-n-gos maybe.



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Thanks, that helps a lot. I'll stick with this motor and size the prop down and give her a few test runs on 850mAh, 1200mAh and 2200mAh batteries and see where the sweet spot is (hopefully not 1200mAh because I only have 1 of those, I have 4 of each of the others).

Can't wait to maiden this thing!
850mAh may be a little too small for this application (unless it's high discharge one). I'm using LiPos in 1500-2200mAh range, and those give me plenty of flight time and all the power I need without breaking a sweat. Also, I do need more than 1500mAh to balance the plane properly.

850mAh can still work for you (if it's enough to keep the CoG in correct place), but you need to check the baterry temperature after each flight for first few flights (to make sure you are not overloading/overheating it). You should also not expect flight times above 6-8min, especially when practicing T'n'Gs


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hi ....
i am thinking to build this as my next plane and am wondering ....would it be possible to use the wing from my simple soarer ??
or would it not be compatible ,i am not quite ready for ailerons and flaps yet !!


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I did put a Park 480 on this plane and ran a 11X4.7 SF prop. Gave it amazing power and pretty good speed. Got 8 minute flites out of a 2200 mah 3s battery. I was also running very large 3" balloon/foam tundra tires on this plane due to my rough field. The only caveat that I have is that I fly at 6400" ft, so if you are flying lower, you won't need this much power. I tended to fly my last Storch more acrobatically and 3dish than it was probably intended for. I will soon start the process of building a new and improved version using Elmers Foam Board for the fuselage and Tail Feathers and Dollar Tree FB for the wing. I also will forgo the overly complicated wire landing gear and throw on a carbon fiber landing gear and steerable tail wheel from a stalled biplane project. Loved the way my last plane flew right up till the elevator gave up the ghost too close to the ground. I had used a popsicle stick to reinforce the middle and it popped. So I will definitely reinforce that area on the next plane. Still a great fun flyer and has good presence in the air. I bought the speed build kit the first time. This time I had my favorite reprographics company print out the plans for me. As soon as I finish my swappable OV-10 and Lockey and Dukejets TR-12 from rcgroups and Lockey's Draaken, I will build another. Although looking at my Storch that I just threw up on the bench after I crashed it, I can probably fix it and get a few more flights out of it in the mean time.



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hi ....
i am thinking to build this as my next plane and am wondering ....would it be possible to use the wing from my simple soarer ??
or would it not be compatible ,i am not quite ready for ailerons and flaps yet !!


I never heard of this kind of mashup; but it might be worth trying. Wings on both planes are very similar in size. I'm not sure either the Soarer's wing is reinforced in the middle; if not, you would probably want to reinforce it "Storch style".

However, the Storch - when not overweighted and overpowered - flies very slow, gentle and stable. You can still build the wing with noticeable dihedral, and that will make it perfect for learning how to operate ailerons. You are not required to use flaps at any point (even when installed); yet I do suggest installing flap servos or at least make a room for them to be installed in the future. That way this one single plane will teach you a lot of new stuff. And thrust me, it's perfect for that.

Good luck, and Have Fun!
She's Finally Air Ready - well, once I have a prop that won't burn out my motor...

Now I do! Gear and fin stabilizers done.

Not bad AUW(?) of 787g (pending the propeller so we'll call it 800g) and that's with a 2200mAh 3s LiPo.

Isn't she a beaut?!?

Popsicles anyone?

Remember, just a dab of hot glue is plenty.. LMAO. 2" wheels. Might go bigger if I don't like how it handles.

Decided to add a windshield (as shown before). My kids have a little Minion figurine that I think will look great in the pilot's seat. Might have to glue him in by the hair though...
She looks great!
I just crashed mine pulling out of a loop the wings folded and down it came,

From the picture it looks like you might have an issue with your rudder control, try to make the control horn inline with the hinge and put your control linkage on the servo further out, but if you test it like this and it works fine then just ignore what Im saying, and enjoy! send us a maiden video.
Thanks for the tip... yeah I think I swapped which servo is supposed to control which control surface in the back. I'll do some low flying tests to see how she reacts. My elevator servo seems a little wishy-washy (wiggles when I manually push the elevator up and down) again like it's not lined up as well as it could be.

So... coming OUT of a loop... that means they folded UP? I just got some more hobby wood, maybe before I try anything crazy like that I'll reinforce things a little more.

Wish me luck - charging up those batteries tonight for an EARLY maiden. Gonna see if I can EASILY get my "GoPro" (knock off) mounted but if not then I'll worry about that later.
Oh, so what should I build next? I'm thinking I revisit my completely failed AirBoat. Maybe get one powered by dual 2200kv motors with 5x5 props, whatcha say? LOL! :D
Ah!!! I see what you're talking about. No, that's just a crease in the paper where the rudder gets kinda thin. The actual hinge line is in line with the body about 0.75" forward, but I'm so thankful that you guys pointed out a possible problem before I found out the hard way.

I got the camera mounted and I tested out taxiing without the wing on inside my living room (tile floors) and it's working pretty well. I had to trim up the rudder because I was getting more throw in one direction than the other, otherwise it didn't need much work.

I'll try to get videos and pictures up ASAP - tomorrow will be a busy day for me at work and this weekend isn't looking much better :p
Maiden Flight - Not as Successful as One Would Hope

So... I'm probably going to need some help here. The plane is fine, the doctors were miracle workers. I jest, but the plane is OK. It lost both wheels and probably some scuffing on the wingtip. And the popsicle tail drag got worn down pretty well since it was playing the role of RC Car this morning. Gonna have to figure out a better way to keep the wheels on (than hot glue blob). They may not have been aligned right either so I'll look at that as well.

I'll post an edited video with some questions ASAP. Basically the wing is lop-sided so the plane wants to do donuts on the tarmac and once it gets a little lift it thinks it's a gymnast (yeah, cartwheels).

I'll try to get it balanced out somehow. Good news is that I think there's plenty of power and while I was waiting for the sun to come up (so I could actually see the plane) I got a time lapse of it rising.

I'm recalling my time flying this morning and after putting the plane back together here in the house and making some measurements, the wing tips are both equidistant from the floor, and it looks more aligned. I may have pinched a servo wire when putting the wing on which would have pushed UP on the wing on that side. I'm hoping that's all that was.

Have any of you had issues with the elevator not getting equal throw on both sides of the rudder. The little part that connects them weakened during the build and I'm not getting perfect throw on the non-horn side. I already braced it with a wood craft stick, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

It might be a few days before I can try this all again. I'll go over the plane a few times, trimming here and aligning there so she's ready for installment #2. Videos still to come - the footage I got wasn't all that impressive.


OK, here's some pics in the meantime

It was PERFECT out for "flying" this morning...


The parking lot (it's really just a patch of blacktop) was uneven and pretty dirty with rocks and sticks. The glue balls didn't hold out so I had to McGuyver something on the spot.


When I got it home I messed a little with the landing gear. I haven't taken pliers to them yet so they may migrate back to out-of-whack. I can see that they're still just a tad angled UP. I'll figure it out I'm sure.


Without the servo wire pinched it seems to line up pretty darn well... I have some ideas, maybe not for this plane, but to use nylon bolts to secure the wing on (especially if you don't need to remove the wing to change batteries). What I DO notice in this picture is that the distance from center of the landing gear is off by 1/4-1/2" which I'm SURE could cause some lateral instability.


But then when you look at the tail/elevators... they look out of whack themselves. Could this cause the plane to "roll" upon take-off? I'm still hoping that the pinched wire was the cause. I'll try to get her outside on a local basketball court to see if she straightens out now and starts to get proper lift. Worst case I carve out the entire tail and rebuild one making sure to align it correctly this time. I do believe though that it's the cuts in the fuselage that caused it... "Why build one when you can build 2 at twice the price?"

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