Ft Storch


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I just bought the FT Storch. The only problem I here about is the wing folding. What solutions have others come up with to remedy this issue?


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The dihedral of the Storch wing will make using a carbon spar or other straight, rigid rod difficult. If you have woodworking tools you can cut a short section of wood (like a paint stick) into the "V" shape of the wing and laminate the front and back of the foam spars. You can use a carbon rod or arrow shaft to reinforce the straight sections of the wing.

That being said, my Storch is several years old and I haven't folded the wings on it yet, and I built it without any modifications. I also don't try to do crazy acrobatics with it. :-D


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I'll join the "my storch didn't fold it wings" crowd. I do think that the folding wings may happen because the wood pieces can rather easily have some slack between them - if you line them up with the wing root you may end having have some distance between them once you set the dihedral. If they do have a slack then they are like the goggles - they do nothing. On my first Storch I remember having to wedge a small piece of painting stick between the wood pieces afterward. On my second Storch I glued the wood pieces 1 mm past the wing root and when I fit the wings together I filed the wood pieces so that they fit perfectly