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FT Super Bee Skin

FT Super Bee Skin 1

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rockyboy submitted a new resource:

FT Super Bee Skin - When you need a Super Bee to look like a super bee!

I was inspired by the FT Super Bee and @Mid7night 's insane Angry Bee to create this skin.

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The raw Scaled Vector Graphic file is attached but with a .PDF extension so the forum will let me upload it. Just rename the file extension to be a .SVG and it will open up in Inkscape or any other SVG editor.

The PDF is set to print on an Arch D...
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What the deuce?!
How did this sneak by? :unsure:

This looks sweet!
The Super Bee has been on my FT short list for a while, this just bumped it up a few places.(y)


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Thanks! Had sort of a delayed launch on this. I was inspired to draw up the skin over a year ago when the Super Bee came out and posted it into the *unofficial* bee thread, but it quickly got buried. Ran across it on my hard drive the other day and thought it would be worth sharing :D

Would love to see it flying - I got distracted with other projects and never got around to building it myself :oops: