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FT Swappable Twin or Night Flyer (or both)

Don't even need a lot of commentary in the thread, the subject says it all really.

How about a Twin made with a swappable? Or even simple mods that could give you the choice of whether to run your power pod solo or plug it into another pod and go Twin boom?

Night Flyer should be somewhere on the list as well. On another forum the Fogey was mentioned as a possible easy conversion, which made me look at it, as the Fogey wasn't my exact cup of tea when it debuted. Night Flyer Nutball is also an oldie but goodie.

For that matter a twin has a good bit of hauling capacity compared to a single engine plane, so...

How about a Twin Boom Night Flyer Old Fogey with candy drop capacity during the day?

*Ducks and runs like mad*
Yeah saw a reference comment in another thread that made me say "oh hell" not long after I posted. Workplace filters the videos so my viewing chances are tight these days.

Still stand by the Night Flyer request though.