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Ft tiny trainer build

The Hangar

Fly harder!
That motor combo would probably work. As far as servos go, I usually use 9g plastic gear servos for all my control surfaces. It would be good to keep your first build light though, as it makes it easier to fly. Mine tend to be pretty over weight, and they fly well, but you have to keep the throttle up which means more airspeed and that makes things go south quickly...
Have fun!


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Cheap 9g servos are fine. My TT has 5g ones on the ailerons, they are still go8ng over a year after I first built it.
Those motors are too big for the TT IMO, I wouldn’t use one. The ESC’s with them are pretty horrible as well, I use a lighter motor on the TT, it ends up nose heavy for some people and adding a great big brick of a motor to the front won’t help.


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Ha, I did the same thing the second time around.

Also, reinforce the tail boom, mine always crack and if you can catch it soon enough it’s an easy fix. I’ve used the A pack motor for a while and always had easy flight. The first one you linked looks a little big but why not try it out? You can always put it into a slightly bigger/heavier plane. 😃


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I buy all my mini motors off Hobbyking, their little 1806/2400kv with a 6x4 prop is great on the TT. Light, cheap, fairly reliable and pick up their fixed wing ESC to match.
Amazon is not good for RC parts, it’s all cheap trash combo stuff or drop ship overpriced motors.
The tail boom is more likely to crack with the servos on it than in the plan set position, you have increased the force acting on the tail whilst putting two big holes in the side and top of the box. Mine has them inside, I have smashed it really well three times, tail is still perfect.