FT Tiny Trainer giant build suggestion


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It is time of the giants!

Can you please build and craft and episode based around a GIANT FT Tiny Trainer. I've always loved the look of tiny trainer with the longer wings, it's flight characteristics and the presence it has in the air. So scaled version must be better. It's just math right? Awesome x more = more awesome!

Otherwise, love everything y'all do. Keep it up.



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I think your thinking. I have built a larger version of the Tiny Trainer. I call it Tiny Trainer XL. :) I scaled the TT up to 150%. I have a full size power pod, the main wing and tail feathers are from an Explorer. The nice thing about the Explorer plans they are free and in the resource section. I believe a power pack B can work for your motor. The length of my plane is 38". I still need to finish the electronics. I have my plane as 4 channels. I started my build in early June of this year. I hope to have the plane flying this fall.

I hope you give the scratch build a try.