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FT Tiny Trainer Glider Winch - seeking glider winch launch advice

I created a very simple person-powered winch made from an old bicycle trainer and a kite spool. My intent was to use it to launch my Tiny Trainer in glider mode. I'm new to RC flying, and gliding, and winch launching - the Tiny Trainer is my first model.

I found some good helpful hints in this thread: Winch/Retriever Launching Tips. I am not a knowledgeable winch operator or an experienced RC pilot, but some of those tips helped me. I increased the winch speed (using a higher gear on my bike) and increased my drag streamer length. The result was this almost-flight:

In the 2nd (and last) launch in that video you can see that the wings look like they're folding. Maybe my winch speed is actually too high? How can I help control dip right at the beginning? Should the "turnaround" for the winch line be further out?What considerations should I make in regards to the CG?

Hoping to get some suggestions so I can iron out the kinks and turn this into a usable, workable article.