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FT Tiny Trainer / power pack A question... flight time on 3S 800 mah LiPo

I am preparing my Taranis for my first flight od my Tiny Trainer? I want to set a count down timer so I don't over discharge my 3S 800 mah LiPo?

I want to get a FTVSS with my tax refund, but until then...

Thanks guys


Build another!
I get about 8 minutes from a 2c 950, and 10 from a 1000 3c easy using the same motor. To be sure, set 6 and check your battery.

After a few flights you'll know how much to increase the time.



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Although I am but a rookie, it is my opinion that it is worth the expense/weight to get one of those voltage alarms. After having battery issues, I tried one and will never do without one now. They alert by individual cell voltage. So, if you are working the battery near its C rating, the alarm will sound before single cells can drop into the danger area. This detail seems to be important, at least with the cheaper zippy/turnigy batteries that I use. I use the cheap ebay alarms and they work fine, but they are reasonably priced in the FT store as well.

P.S. If you do go the alarm route, get two or three of them. They disappear easily in the grass when/if you crash.
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The reason I went with the FrSky FLVSS is that it sends Telemetry back to my Taranis and I can get a pack voltage call out or a lowest cell voltage call out.