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FT Versa Pusher (setup?)


I am a complete noob to the RC plane world and when my son showed me some videos of foam built planes I was hooked and look forward to spending time with him with the hobby. We plan on getting a Mini Slowbipe to learn on but want our second plane to be a FT Versa Pusher. I've already started construction and I'm enjoying the process.

However, I'm trying to wrap my head around the proper components. Since there is no exact correct answer (and what seems like from a noobs perspective limitless choices) it seems like going on other peoples levels of success is the way to go. Since we won't be experts at flying the Versa I'd like to start out with a 8 x 4 prop but have the flexibility to move up to a 9 x 6(?) prop for more speed and maneuverability once we get better or even transition to FPV. I understand that many have CG issues but we'd prefer to go the pusher route. If you've had success with a FT Versa Pusher can you post your setup? Am I asking for too much flexibility which isn't possible?

Prop -
Motor -
Battery -
FPV - Y/N (or anything unique that helped your setup)

Inrunner or Outrunner - I can't tell from the build video which would work best. I originally was thinking inrunner but looking at the pictures of them online they look long which will add to CG issues. Will an outrunner work with this firewall?

Thank You!
All of the FT design suggest different out runner brushless motors.

I recommend the NTM 28-26 1200kv 286W from Hobbyking
with 30a ESC - and a 3s 2200mAh lipo - This setup can swing a 8X6 or 9x5 in props.

Here are some pics of the pusher Versa I build a few months ago. I added on that covering which looks a bit goofy, but hides the electronics and cleans it up a bit. The pusher was used with a scratch built FT firewall.

With this motor i did have to add about 80grams of nose weight (no fpv gear) , but it still flew amazingly.
@BanditJacksRC Thank you very much for the info and the pics, seeing things helps a lot. I was considering something similar to your cover but wondered if that would affect cooling of the ESC and motor. Have you had any issues with cooling?

I'm still thinking through the CG problem I know weight x arm = moment, that said I've been trying to think of a solution that moves lesser weight out in front of the nose which will have the same affect on the CG but add less weight but trying to create something that isn't dangerous and that won't affect the aerodynamics too much is tricky.