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FT Versa wing build trouble


Knower of useless information
Those plans look like the same ones I've used to build about 10 or so different Versa Wings. If you're watching the original build video, he's using a speed build kit and I THINK the build video talks about how there's a fold that's introduced so they can get the packaging to be smaller and cheaper when sending it out. That said, it's been a while since I've watched the video, so I may be mis-remembering it.

Are you trying to build it in tractor configuration (with the motor and prop at the front), or in a pusher configuration (with the motor and prop at the rear)? I know there's a supplemental video for doing it in pusher configuration, and the plans are missing the power pod for tractor configuration...I've never built a tractor configuration Versa Wing, though, because we all fly ours in pusher configuration for our combat events - keeps it from having the streamers tangle in the motor and burn up.