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FT Versa Wing - BUILD


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Here's the full step by step video tutorial showing how to assemble your FT Versa Wing kit.
This laser cut wing kit is also available as a scratch build with the free build plans available below.

On your speed build kit there is an extra fold that will need glued and taped. This is setup to allow for the wing to fit inside of our low rate shipping boxes.

Reinforcing the inside of the wing with hot glue will give your wing long lasting strength.

When you fold your wing there will be an off-set, you will want to keep that width consistent along the entire side when glueing.

And that's one wing complete, this kit assembles in a very short time.

When glueing your other wing, be sure to match the spacing on the back of your wing.

The wing is designed to allow for a very quick assembly and you can true up everything easily with sandpaper.

A few passes on 100 grit sandpaper is all it takes to get everything straight and fitting snuggly.

Check to see if everything lines up and you're ready to start glueing!

Some hot glue to connect your wing halves and your wing is almost complete!

1.8mm Linkage Stopper "Speed Clevis" work great for this wing.

The FT Control Horns come with the speed build kit and can be purchased separately for those of you scratch building.

A zip-tie connected to a BBQ skewer to secure the back your power pod.

Click HERE to see the Power Pod Build video if you need to assemble your power pod.

Balance is very important with a wing and we've added a CG mark to the bottom of the wing to help you.

The battery, in combination with additional nose weight can be adjusted to keep the wing slightly nose heavy.

We hope you have fun building your FT Versa Wing! Be sure to share your builds and mods!

(Edit: For all available plans, visit this thread. https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/sp0nz-plans-index.17136/ )
FREE Build Plans:
FT Versa Wing [ FULL SIZE ] (dead link)
FT Versa Wing [ TILED ] (dead link)
Equipment used in this build:

Available at LazerToyz.com

FTControl Horns
FT Elements Simple Firewall
2712-12 24G "Blue Wonder"
Hextronic 9 Gram Servo
TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controller
Turnigy 1000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
1.8mm Linkage Stopper "Speed Clevis"
1mm piano wire (push rods)

FT Versa Wing - Pusher Conversion/FPV tutorial:
This conversion is done with the FT Elements Simple Firewall.

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This is awesome! I already ordered mine along with the FT 3D! I can't wait for the pusher video, keep up the great work, guys!


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Just a quick thought if you are using the FT Versa for combat or for trainer i think it would be a good idea to make detachable servos.


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I am going to try to make a scartch-built slope soaring version, with no motor and the following mods:
1. Mount the servos entirely internal, with holes through the top surface to the ailerons.
2. A hatch in the top side, for battery charging and receiver access.
3. Overlapping wing spars like the Spitfire (not sure how I'll do this yet)

If it's a fail, I will simply toss a motor mount on the top side and make it a combat wing.

Anyone have tips, before I start cutting out?


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I've built the Baby Blender, FT Flyer, Nutball and Old Fogey from the free downloaded plans with no problems. (thanks
for making them FREE!).

I'm having trouble trying to put this plan together as some pages did not print with page numbers
and I don't think they fit together as 8 pieces across by 2 rows. Anyone else had trouble or figured"
it out who can help?



Dedicated foam bender
I think it's 2 plans 4x2 pages. I got the full size plans and that is how they are laid out. Usually tiled is a derivative...
Another great design! I am waiting for the motor mount to arrive but went ahead and began the build- One slight problem when I went to fold the wing over... IMG_2623.JPG
Mind the servo wires...
I was able to "extract" it without too much mess and the build is progressing!
So want one. Don't have the money to order one from FT though due to the postage :/

Hope to be able to print out the plans and do it myself, should not be hard, I hope :p

Want to do a push one so I can have my 808 on the front.

Anyone got recommendations for batteries for this? I see FT use Turnigy 1000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack but I would like longer flight times so would getting something like the 2200mAh version be okay size and weight wise? Looks like it is just a bit longer and a tad taller than the 1000mAh one.

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On the supplemental, where they do a pusher, they actually go with a much bigger battery since when you go pusher, you NEED a bunch of nose weight to get it to balance. Check it out here.
I figured out I can get the page numbers from the downloaded tiled pdf.

Now I just need the page number layout.


Comparing the tiled to the full size, looks like:
2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Connect 2 thru 8 on the long edge, then 10 thru 16 on the long edge, then connect these two strips together.


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Way to go guys. Great design, I love that it doesn't have any carbon fiber. I put one together yesterday and have been flying the heck out of it since. With no carbon fiber we can combat and the only thing that breaks is the foam. You guys really fill a void in the
RC world by selling the kits for those that want that and giving out the drawings for those like me that want to build it from scratch.

Thanks again guys


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I cut mine out last night at 105% scale. It's seriously going to be a very simple build, just a couple folds and a bit of glue.

I noticed that in the FPV build video, the whole nose looks very spongy once there's a hole for a GoPro. It seems to lose a lot of structural integrity around the nose once that bit of foam is gone. I think I might pack it full of foam (a squirt of expanding foam maybe?) or reinforce it with bamboo skewers, so that it isn't so soggy after my first crash.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to make fully internal servos, with access hatches on the underside. It's probably not necessary, but I really like the idea of the super-clean streamlined look.


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I think I am going to do the pusher version now and transplant the electronics from my polaris. its a 1900Kv motor on a 7x6 prop but it looks like fun. Not to mention my polaris has seen better days with easily more than 100 flights on it now.


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I had such a spacy feeling...


Each wing is extented by 30 mm on the inside, so are the elevons.
I made longer spars too.


Spacy looking cockpit will take the battery hopefully getting CG right. Endplates got spacy too.


Super flat stealthy underside.

Now waiting for the force ....