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FT Versa Wing - BUILD


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My Versa Wing build:
IMG_7530.JPG IMG_7531.JPG
I like my color scheme a lot, and I just come back from the maiden flight. I had a rough landing, but I even did loopings and rolls without a problem. I had trouble to handle flying wings before, but this one was totally under my control. I even managed to do slow flybys at will and "touch and go" (without actually touching the ground) landing approaches in the wind.
Check out my camera mount I use for my MUVI:
Great work guys!
Cheers Arend


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veho muvi, 640x480 pixel resolution at 30fps. The shutter is somewhat slow, so when you change from bright to dim or the other way round you get over or underexposure for about one second. Also the resolution says everything, but I am okay with it. Check out this link of the maiden flight video made with said camera:
All in all the weight 40 grams and the size (approximately "my thumb") was the main reason for this one. Also the weight balances the plane perfectly.
Cheers Arend
Was out yesterday on our field and maiden my Versa...damn it flew good!!
just some up elevator trim, and a few click right ail trim! :D

but my motor is not that powerfull, had full power all the time and the speed as OK, but I want a bit more punch IF I need it.
the motor I´v got is an RcTimer 2822-14 1200Kv with a 7x4 Acp-style propp on 3s..
have to see if I´v got any other props to test, or I´ll have to get another motor. :p

had my GoPro on it, to get the CG right. ;)
video is on the way.

Thanks Flite Test for that great wing!!
Now I´m going to build a second one, and two friends want to build to. :D

My movie:
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HELP: So My Corrugated Plastic Versa Wing weight in at 18oz with nothing on it. I need to know if it will still fly at that weight? And also this is my Speed Challenge. I will using 3s 2200 battery maybe a 4s 2200. what motor,esc and prop would you use? Only spending $100.00.

Thanks for your help
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Versa Wing Dew Proof from Plans

I built a GoPro dummy for the maiden and I'm glad for it. Same size, same weight, no batteries to charge and it took the beating until I managed the CG. This plane can take a beating! My motor/prop makes it a little light on power, but it flies like a dream.

Keep up the great work FT!

D2822/17, 1100kv, 7x4 pusher, 3S 2200, AUW: 705g w/gopro

bah.. was going to test props on my Versa..
but my motor is shorted some where.. so now it have a 1450kv motor, bit heavier but tiny amount of kv more :)
going out to testfly it with some different propps later on today.
I have to say this is a fun flying plane, i built one friday in less than 3 hours and flew it over the weekend.
simple pusher with a stick mount 1400Kv brushless. It's far from overpowered but it's still a blast to fly.
Somehow i ended up with some dihedral but that only seems to make it more stable.
If you build it light be wary of thermals, I had one try to carry my Versa off Sunday.


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Just coming back from flying mine in choppy 15-20mph wind! Was a hell of a ride but it did well. It was a little hard to get it launched but once in the air it flew great. The climb rate against the wind was amazing! Cheers Arend
did try mine with fpv yesterday :D
what a blast. haha

will edit the video soon, and then share it here :)

now i´m going to build one from just white depron and put LEDs in it.