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FT Versa Wing Plane

So after my brother smashed his versa wing head on into mine, I decided to experiment with the slightly damaged wing. I started building a modified version of the simple soarer to be more of a hotliner. I got as far as building a custom fuselage to hold the power pod internally unlike Bixlers design. Instead of building a new wing for it I modified the versa wing to it onto the new fuselage. I think it looks great and hopefully it will fly well.
The wing will not have elevon mixing. Just straight ailerons and the tail will control pitch with the elevator. I don't have a controllable rudder because I don't think it will be necessary. I haven't flown it yet because the weather has not been cooperating.

If anyone wants the plan for the fuselage I can post it because it came out really well. I also mounted the elevator servo on the tail so avoid using crazy long pushrods.

Hopefully I will be able to post maiden video this week if it stops raining.

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
I couldn't wait any longer so I tried out the Simple Versa Wing Soarer on a really windy day. It flew great.
It looks great in the sky too. The only thing I will change is to increase the throws on the elevator to have better pitch authority.

I think in this configuration it makes for a great trainer. I recommend giving this a try if you have a Versa Wing laying around and have built a Simple Soarer.

I kept the CG in the exact same spot as it was without the tail. I figured a wing is a wing with or without the tail and the CG should be in the same spot. It worked out well for me but it could have been a happy accident.


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You are right. It works like that because the center of lift and the center of gravity should always be fairly close together to get the proper flying characteristics. The center of lift will be determined by the wing and it's design so it doesn't move. So the CG will still need to be in about the same place as it was when it was just a wing. The only time that will change is if you add an extra flying surface, such as canards or an airfoiled horizontal stabilizer. That will change the relative center of lift so the CG would need to be adjusted to match.
Thanks, it makes a lot of sense when you explain it like that... I mean I knew that :)

I did have one heck of a time trying to figure out the CG on my Versa Wing Bold and after a miraculous landing of an extremely tail heavy wing I did some research and found this page. http://rcwingcog.a0001.net/V3_testing/index.html

It helped me a lot and now it flies great. I had to convert it to a tractor to balance out the wing tho. Even two 1800mah 3s on the nose don't balance it out as a pusher. I hate having to add dead weight just for balance. I will have to figure something out. Maybe more batteries!