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FT Versa Wing


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Hi everyone, hoping you experts can advise me on this build. So i purchased the Versa Kit and it came with the suppo motor. (which is different than the one in the video) Unfortunately they didn't come with screws to mount to the firewall. I was wondering what can I use as screws or blot and nuts and which ones specifically to mount the motor. The other question is I went to a local hobby store and they didn't stock the 500mah 2c 20 instead they had the 1000mah 2c 20. will that still be ok to use? I also purchased a deans connector that I was advised I will need to cut the ends of the battery and solder on the deans connector called the ultra plug and use that since it would be better.

Thanks in advance for all your help and advice. Looking forward to taking this out for a flight with my 11 year old.

You can use the mounting screws that come with your servos (those are the longer ones) to attach the motor to the firewall.

The 1000mah battery should be fine. I'm not sure what suppo motor you have. If you could list the specs it would be helpful. If the motor can handle a 3S (three cell) battery I would recommend that. The Versa will fly with a 2S, but it can be a little bit of a handful for a new pilot as it is a little under-powered.

I would stick with the JST connector personally. I'm not sure how popular the deans t-plugs are, but I know they are more expensive. I prefer to use XT-60 for my bigger LiPos.


Driftin' with the wind...
Here is my 75% Versa. Dubbed the "Suicidal Insanity", tremendously over-powered and fast. Maiden flight went well, and is a awesome flyer. Thanks FT!


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I must say, I did not expect it to fly this well because of the flat bottomed profile, but it flies really nice. I get about 15min out of the 1000mAh 3S (couldn't use a smaller battery). It can even do vertical takeoffs. Just put it on the winglets and full power! Night flying is also pretty cool.
130% FT Versa Wing with mods inspired by FT Mini Arrow

Here is my 130% FT Versa Wing, posing with a couple of FT Mini Arrows & FT Mini Scout.

I built a couple of normal sized ones, back before my flying skills were up for that plane. The nose, in particular, tended to crumple up with all the crashing. I built this one a bit bigger thinking it might be a bit slower reacting and better suited to my skill level. I reinforced the inside of the leading edge with very thin walled steel tubing. I found these reacher/grabber things at the dollar store and they yielded the tubes. They're not as heavy as you'd think, and they make the wing exceptionally stiff and resilient.

As I had other planes to fly, this project sat on the workbench unfinished, until I built and successfully flew the FT Mini Arrow. I was so inspired by the Arrow that I decided to finish the 130% Versa Wing with a couple of mods from the Arrow design.
1. I cut the motor mount deeper into the wing, making it easier to balance the wing.
2. I mounted the servos vertically like in the Arrow. This way the servo mounting isn't dependant on the paper remaining attached to the foam under the servo. (Note picture above was taken before the servo repositioning).
3. Made a little 'electronics' pod for the receiver & ESC just in front of the motor. Motor is mounted without a power pod.

Wing is finished with MinWax & Airbrushed with el cheapo craft store acrylic paint. This wing is a joy to fly, and has amazing presence at the flying field. The power is more than adequate. I usually putter around with 40%-50% throttle. Yesterday we had some thermals and I soared with the eagles using only 30% throttle. If I had a folding prop, I think I might have been able to reduce throttle to 0. I brought the wing down after 25 minutes, and still had 11V remaining on the 3s 2200!

Motor: Suppo 2217/7 1250kv Brushless Motor (Park 425 equiv.)
Prop: 9 x 4.7 APC slo fly
ESC: Turnigy Plush 30A
Battery: 2200mAh 3s Lipo
AUW with 2200mAh battery: 892g (just under 2 lbs)



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Hey guys, just wanted to show a wing my buddy Glade put together from the Versa wing. Basically he added a center pod similar to the Mini Arrow then added a tail fin directly behind the prop. We have been flying FPV wings with mid-ship motors and tail fins for quite a while and find that it is great for reducing typical wing wag in FPV. Anyway, enjoy the tailing footage:

2016-02-23-07.52.07_scaled.jpg 2016-02-23-07.52.18_scaled.jpg


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It really looks like it flies smoothly. How much does it affect the CG?
Yeah, it really is smooth. Glade made the center pod extend past the nose about an inch or two. You will also notice that the motor was cut up into near the center of the wing similar to that of the FT Mini Arrow. This greatly helps with the CG. He did not have to add any extra nose weight with this design and is using a 3S 2200mAh battery and a 2212-6 (2200kv) motor. The prop is a APC 6x4E and a 30A ESC.