FT Viggen max speed? Does anybody know?


Hey everyone,

So, I was wondering, what is the max speed of the FT Viggen? Maybe somebody knows or has a general idea? 60 mph? 70 mph? 80 mph? If you know, you can also say it in km/h of course.

Is the Viggen the fastest FT plane? Or is the Racer ( Rip Slinger ) faster?

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Old Guy Geek
fastest FT built plane?

I haven't had a radar gun on my FT viggen but in my guesstimation it's not much more than 50 mph. I have the bigger 70mm EDF too. I haven't tried it on 4s, that might really make it haul???.

The FT racer goes faster by observation than the Viggen, also on 3s not 4s.

I have a new Rare Bear and with a 45c 4s recommended pack, it's easy the fastest I have ever flown and it looks to be twice as fast as any of my FT planes. Fastest of all of my planes period!

one thing about wanting max speed out of your plane is that it incredibly shortens the flight!

Why do you want to go so fast?