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Ft war birds.

Thanks guys. U guy r awesome. I have a back ground in paint ant auto body,and I am a finish Carpenter by trade. When I was a teen I had over 150 model airplanes. To many to keep so would have to give them away before building again. I had to adult from there on out................And then there was flight test..........To be continued.lol


Skill Collector
Yeah, Flite Test is enabling my inner teen to get back into having way too many aircraft models again too. Only now they are all bigger, and I have more space to keep them. :applause:


Posted a thousand or more times
Thanks all. Yes I air brushed all but the sliver. 2 of the mustangs have retractable landing gear. I enjoy building as much as flying.
Was it difficult to add retracts to the Mustangs? Do you mind posting a close-up picture? I would like to do the same, but not sure where to start.
Ft mustang retracts

These are my first attempts and could clean it up a bit. As far as the difficulty it wasn't that bad. You will need to beef up the spar with a carbon fiber spar or wood. I will post more pics later and a little more info.