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FT What Did You Do RC Today : Caution Offtopic At All Times

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
Anet A8, only had enough money to get this one. Building is fun, feels like when I was building lego kits when I was younger.
Fairly easy to get running but hard to get running well, needs some upgrades which luckily can be printed by the printer itself!
wow that is surprisingly good build quality from such a cheap printer!

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
Oh try and use some Walmart boat electronics to make a custom 3D printed boat! Maybe a WWII cruiser?
i have a walmart boat that doesnt work well (and doesnt work anymore at all bc i took it apart) and i want to make it good like Peter did except i dont want to spend as much as he most likely did... preferably under 30 or 40 bucks. any ideas on electronics?
Still doesn't print as good as I would want and I spent several late nights on it.
I guess the high standards I want make me try to improve it so it ends up working worse, I should just be happy with what I have now.

I made a boat a while ago made out of cardboard with the motor directly in the water and a servo for rudder, worked fine so you could try that.
Got off work early today. Flew three packs through the das little stick, three through a durafly tundra, and two packs each through the grunjet and simple scout. No casualties. It was a great day.

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
discovered how close my flying field is to a no fly zone.
IMG_2064 (2).PNG

actually it is in a no fly zone for a "seaplane base" which is literally just a pond. so i made this meme:

speaking of the faa's app:
kinda funny.


Construire Voler S'écraser Répéter
I designed and 3D printed a mount for a micro AIO FPV camera to mount to a servo on the front of my tiny trainer.

Now I can look left and right with yaw.

The tiny trainer was my first plane, it was a great plane except for the fact that the motor was bad. I was thinking about making another one and putting flapperons on the sport wing. Has anyone actually done this successfully?

Also does anyone have the dimensions for a pvc plane rack?
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Fly Angry
I got out to fly my Gremlin for a few batteries. Was a really off day so only flew 3 of my 5 packs. Didnt feel like pushing and ending up breaking something.

I did however get up my defensive system that came in the mail. Am really tired of the airborn attacks all hours of the day and night here in the good weather seasons. I bought a new defense system and got that all set up. I lucked out. I ordered 3 turrets and got 5!!

Traps 1.jpg

Traps 2.jpg

Traps 3.jpg

Traps 4.jpg

Now lets see how green my thumbs really are. Also planted 12 melon seeds, two peach seeds and two nectarine seeds to see if I can get some going this year. Got 4 melons sprouted already. Will have to give some of those away if all 12 sprout. Only got room on my tiny balcony to manage two plants MAYBE 4 max. Time will tell but I am off to a good start for window gardening this year.