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FT What Did You Do RC Today : Caution Offtopic At All Times


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so we will have 5 diff drivers tomorrow w/ same car racing fpv. should be epic!

simple rules;

1- stock motor
2- stock chassis
3- stock suspension
4- stock tx/rx/esc combo
5- stock wheel base

the rest, wheels, gearing, body mods, cooling, fpv setup, all good for creativity.

should make for fun, very even, cheap, racing. i designed and printed a FPV mount for the car so we are all staring with the same basic setup.

my entry, $120 all in.

i adjusted the tow and camber on front. i also opened vent holes into the body to help cool battery, esc, and motor. they got hot quick without. i also added a heat sink to the 550 brushed motor. all good with the rules. ran today in the tucson sun and heat and it got nowhere near as hot as it did before. think we got a winner. ;)


tomorrow is going to be fun.


me :cool:


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My boys have 4 little tanks that play laser combat, those are a blast fpv! I can only imagine what fun car fpv racing is!

Weve done a little fpv rock crawling with the TRx 4 of my sons. Can be a little tricky to keep the camera from being too jittery from the bumps.


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we ended up with 4 drivers this morning. it was much tougher than i had anticipated. it is VERY hard to keep yourself oriented. some adaptions need to be made to the camera mounts to allow for a little better view. we also need to clearly mark the course. you couldn't tell one weed from the other once under the hood. good news is we all 4 were driving fpv at same time, the cars are working great, and our little course is just about perfect. a few adjustments and some practice i think we will be rocking!

on a side note, we also had an EPIC mid-air today. one member was flying his Eflite Air Tractor and the other a FT P-40. i swear parts were still falling from the sky 2 mins later. :LOL:


me :cool:


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almost there. had planned on trying to paint some sections today but first rain in 5 months is happening so i will wait and won't complain.

View attachment 202792

took time to sand some more and add some more mudd.

taped off the engine nacelles to paint inside black. can't seem to find my airbrush though... :rolleyes:

View attachment 202794

and these stupid things, don't even get me started. super cool but OMG they take forever. that nose was over 1.5 hrs of glue, hold, glue, hold, glue, hold, glue, hold, glue, hold, ....you get the idea.

View attachment 202795

the front is now on it's 3rd "mud" and looking really good. canopy on it's first thick. i was a little hesitant towards all the work of spackling the plane but i think it is gonna be worth it.

View attachment 202796

we will finish sanding tomorrow and fit canopy. still need to fully glue in the main wing and center the rear stab. then we go to paint shop and graphics. i want to do a "close" replica of a 355th Hog that is based here in Tucson. we are the "home" of the A-10 so i only feel it is fitting. @Rasterize has some custom stuff for me and cross fingers this should be pretty cool.

View attachment 202797


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I did some of this on the Caudron 460 I built. I found if you coat the mud with white gorilla wood glue after sanding that it gets almost rubbery and it pretty flexible yet does not crack easily. It also bonds to the paper better and does not chip off so easily. Great for making seams disappear and filling in dents and dings.

Cant even tell where I grafted two sheets together.

Fuse halves.jpg




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a friend gave this to me today. traxxas tmaxx 2.5.


this will be my first attempt at nitro. i have driven them before, but never "owned" one. looks to be in good shape. owner said he had it running a year ago. all it needs is an Rx and a little luv.

wiring needs some attention,


chassis looks good. need to clean the nitro tank.


the suspension needs a tune, but it looks rock solid so far. few minutes of printing and a little work, we solved that problem.


it now has a proper stance, just a touch of sag, and a nice, quick, even, rebound. all id did was printed a 8mm sleeve and gave the springs a little "stretch" when i had things disassembled. cost, about 10 cents maybe.

ordered a DSMR Rx for it today so maybe by next weekend ready to run?

this should be fun.


me :cool: