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FT What Did You Do RC Today : Caution Offtopic At All Times

Going on vacation all next week, so am whipping up some nnchuck gliders for the kiddos. Man these thing are so much easier to cut than the bigger planes!


And I also managed to get the color on the Viggen. She'll still need some detail work such as painting a canopy and some tail art, but just about done. Color choice courtesy of my 5 year old daughter.

viggen2.JPG gliders.JPG viggen1.JPG viggen2.JPG
Ok. What am I missing. I keep trying to just add images as thumbnails, but it keeps posting both sizes. Thought it was just my phone but I guess not. I'm just bringing the images in, and clicking on thumbnail for all. Didn't have this problem a couple weeks ago.


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When you add an image it defaults to full size. Then you click on the thumbnail option and it adds the thumbnail as well. Just right click on the full size image and a small menu will appear with an option to delete the image.

Beautiful job on the viggen - "diggen" those colors.

Thanks and thanks. I swear I didn't have that issue with the photos until recently. Oh well.

That is ironlak sugar paint. It went on really nice. I did try to stay a bit back, but a couple time I hit the edges with a healthy spray up close and the foam did not care. Not a gloss as I'd like, but it sure is vibrant.


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SPORTSTER REPORT! I got back from North Carolina and finally had a chance to fly it after my tape/hack repair job. It's alive and well, plus it fly's pretty good considering...I'm waiting for the power pod to come apart while hovering or pulling high g's now, but so far, somehow, it's flying again...

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I'm falling in love with the Mini Arrow and could see myself with a half dozen of them come spring. I have one with an 1806 motor that is tame and floaty as well as "Chaos" with the RS2205s which is a bit of a speed demon with crazy vertical. Needless to say, as my father taught me to fly with only two throttle positions, I prefer Chaos. I took her out again yesterday with the Mobius onboard. Such a fun plane!



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thank Psy. But my wife decided today that She wants a Jeep. So another chapter to unravel! Doubt the airplane trailer is gonna materialize first!
I have kind of the same issue what a few guys at my field have done is taken a cheap popup camper gutted the inside taken the canvas off keep the top and line it with plywood. They work great get to the field crank up the top and ready to go. At home it works for storage at the same time. I have seen a few come up on Craigslist for a $100 but am always to late or too far away, I will have one at some point.
It really stinks that the manufacturer went out of business. It's such a great plane and has been in my hangar since Flite Fest Florida.
Well crap! I was thinking about getting my Father one of these for Christmas to learn to fly on.

That's not a bad idea, Bricks. May have to look into that. Also thinking about getting a cover for our pickup. I could build a rack and have room for at least most of the fleet!

Those nnChuck gliders were a big hit. The stang flies the best for sure. kids loved them and they don't take long to cut and build. Thanks Nerdnic!
Well darn. Just checked out Heads Up RC. Slow Bipes are not on the site anymore. In fact, looks like Heads Up isn't selling complete planes at all anymore and are only into the motors, escs, and all the other hardware and supplies.
I built a flying wing by hot wire cutting. I also watched a video in memory of Samm Sheperd, the RC Youtuber. He taught a lot of us in the hobby many things about RC. as well. Samm Sheperd 1994-2018 He passed away in a motorcycle accident. I just thought some of you would like to know whether you were a subscriber of occasional viewer. RIP Samm Sheperd
Thank you for remembering Samm and sharing how he impacted your life.