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FT What Did You Do RC Today : Caution Offtopic At All Times


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Well I had these 2 antennas off of an older wifi box and for some reason they were the only 2 pieces I saved and today a light came on :) . My other balancing tripods come up short for some of the larger builds especially ones with landing gear and would have to space them up, so let's make taller ones :) . A little ca glue so they don't fold plus I have a little package of huge shrinkwrap that I had no idea where I would ever use it and they fit the antenna perfect , so the knuckle is glued and shrinkwrapped :) . 1 stand printed and assembled, 2nd one is on the printer now.

2019_0609_185558_001.JPG 2019_0609_185607_002.JPG 2019_0609_185635_001.JPG


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Weather good so far this morning, hopefully it stays that way so I can test my potensic d80 quad. I need some time to link the video feed and calibrate and learn everything hands on, so I've been waiting for a couple unobstructed hours to take my time and do it right. For almost a week I've only had short times in the morning to fly before the strong winds came, so I've just been burning two batteries in the V Sliver and by the time that's done and they are recharged the wind is usually up. There's this circular patch of trail or bare brushless spot in my flying area could have been made by somebody off-roading long ago that I call the "donut hole", and I love doing slow low high alpha circuits and patterns there.

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from today. once again big thank you to our wonderful field photographer. thank you Linda! (y)

decided why not make it "weird" day??? :unsure:

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View attachment 133185

the paramotor is like advertised, unlike anything else you have flown. the flying really isn't the issue, it's the launching that is the pickle. too much throttle and you are doing loops, too little and you just hit ground. it is a very fine line.

the 50yr old flyer did awesome. the 50A ESC i installed yesterday solved the problems. flew it 2x's today without issue. she is not the greatest glider by any means, but she is cool!

the autogyro is just goofy and takes some attention. take offs are once again the issue. once the rotors get up to speed they create a nasty tilting/yaw affect to the right. it is also VERY easy at distance to loose orientation of the bank direction. i flew it 2x's as well. the second one ended with a crash due to me being way too far out and not being able to clearly see. aircraft is damaged but easily repaired. all 3 of the rotors took damage and will need to be replaced. thankfully when it was given to me, they also included an extra motor and rotors.

keep flying!

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Autogyros are a different animal to fly. Tough until you understand what to do. Here are a few tips so you can become an accomplished pilot.
1) on takeoff, be prepared to use the rudder to prevent rollover once it gets off the ground.
This is the concept you must have to fly and prevent crashes at all times.
you must keep the plane of the " bottom of the front wheels and the tailwheel parallel to the ground at all times."
This is done in the turns(using rudder as well as changing throttle) while maintaining the bottom wheels parallel to the ground.

How you fly is turn with elevons and rudder again maintaining wheels parallel to ground and to change height you vary the throttle. For landing, keeps wheels parallel, back off power a small amount, and it will drop slowly for your landing.

If you drop the tail wheel for instance, the blades go steeper, causing more drag, and it slows and drops quickly , causing if steep enough, it will roll over.

Here is my OTTOGYRO I made for about $4 trying to get CG right.

Watch the landings -(wheels parallel to ground) and in my case, no motor to turn blades.

Blades actually go whop.whop.

Ask any question if unsure.
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thanks. i have flown it many times but certainly admit that i am no master of the autogyro. (y)

rough start to the day today, won't get into why. came home by 9:30am and thought, well i can start drinking, or i can fix planes?

amazingly i chose fix planes. :LOL:

once again won't go into all the details but started at one end of the hangar, and worked my way across. if it didn't work the prob was diagnosed, fixed if possible, and if not parts needed were recorded and ordered if possible. by the end, what started as a bad day, ended with lot's of airplanes back in flight status.

after my recent dive into restoring old gasser's to electric i pulled another "oldy" that was given to me off the wall.

i have no info on the age, make, or anything other than it's a Cub with a REALLY big wing! :eek:


i removed some ridiculous motor mount and found a nightmare of prior fixes on the fire wall. only choice was to install an entire new one. i decided on some 6 ply basswood, drilled the motor mounts and center hole for wires. a little black spray paint and some 5 min epoxy and it was in. had a SK3 3542-100kv motor sitting around along with a tractor offset mount. how convenient... ;)


however old it is, it's def "old school." dude used wooden dowels instead of wire for control lines for the tails. :cool:


i have a 60a esc and new servos for the tail on order. hope to fly it saturday, cross fingers?


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I finally got around to poking Taz with a meter to make sure there are no other issues hidden from when the motor smoked.

Got the new esc installed, recovered the two rear esc's with shrink tube and hooked it to the computer after a quick power up with the smoke stopper.

Did the esc calibration, changed rates to what the mach 1 has and did a test flight.

Was like I forgot how to fly after flying the Gremlin with the tiny whoop settings. Felt a tad above twitchy and just below insane.

Took all my concentration to do a full pack of slow circles n figure 8s to break in the new esc n motor.


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It's been too windy to do a lot of flying and I have taken a short break from building over the past couple days but down to put some work in tonight. Gonna finish my AET project and start a fresh Sliver. I just modded my old beat up one with a cool new hood scoop. This will look awesome on the fresh build and ensure good function even in 100 degree weather and prolonged high throttle(which I rarely fly that way on this plane). And yeah I got exit holes my motor mount isn't taped over in the back and it has vent holes👍



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Out friendly neighborhood @PsyBorg got hacked!

Some nasty software got into our friend @PsyBorg's phone, stole a bunch of his data, and is holding it for ransom. :mad:

If you get any messages from the email accounts judas7@juno.com or goo6le?sucz@juno.com block and delete them immediately - these things can spread via email.

Our friendly neighborhood @PsyBorg will be back shortly once he gets to a secure location (network wise).

Figured this would be a good place to post this notice - I know many of the regulars follow this forum - and I'll also drop it on a couple other threads so there will be a little cross posting of this.


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Flew my Tyro99 for the 3rd time. This time NOT in my backyard. I lost orientation being LOS still... and so I cut throttle.
Over a ditch...
Filled with 4" of water... Plop! Splash!

the VTX was still working as I pulled out by the antenna. I powered it off and dried it out. I will now spray it down with corrosion-X. If it starts.
I might just use the frame and motors to install other guts I have. I followed is with Simple Soarer sunset flying.

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Today was my kid's first day of summer break so we celebrated by going out to fly. The Cursed Cub earned its nickname today with constant radio dropouts until I bailed in the weeds. I think I'm finally done with this plane, and definitely done with the cheapo Orange receivers. I've got plans for a Storch glued down on dtfb waiting to be cut out, I think the Cub will donate its servos. I went on to fly my FT Spitfire while my son flew his FT Tiny Trainer. Here's to relatively uneventful videos which might not mean much to anyone else, but I'm thrilled that after just about two months of flying my son and I can both stick a decent landing.
http://instagr.am/p/BytcoTqBwGY/ http://instagr.am/p/BytblV9hMUy/


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This evening I flew my bloody Baron. About my third time doing anything fpv. This bearing is battered and bruised for sure and had a tendency to tilt a little down as it flew. Which ended up being its demise. All I could see was the nose and a tiny bit of the horizon I flew around for about 4 mins or so before I didn't see the rows of crops sneaking up on me.

I learned two things. 1. Bring my glasses with me. 2. Put the camera up higher and tilt it down.
No card in the goggles, so no video.:rolleyes:


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Well this is totally not RC related. Few months ago when we had a party and a fuse blew in one speaker I pulled off the cover and noticed pieces of brittle foam cracking and falling to pieces in the cone and these are really good Cerwin Vega speakers and they rock big time an sound is incredible. So a couple weeks ago I started to search for a new replacement on and ran almost instantly into a link that was a foam repair video for the speaker, watched it and said it is well worth the gamble for me to try rather then buy a new speaker. I was ready to buy a new speaker, never knew this part could be repaired. Simply Speakers out of the US is where I got the kit from, seems to fit like a dream , not that I have ever in my life fixed a speaker :D :D , messy job cleaning off all the old glue but by tomorrow I will know if I did it right, centering the voice box was the most critical part of the procedure. 2019_0615_145658_001.JPG 2019_0615_155010_001.JPG 2019_0615_155014_002.JPG 2019_0615_174333_001.JPG


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for those of you who don't know....

@Rasterize has his new website up and running and his first offering is the new P-40.

Flite Skins by Rasterize

check out the release video...


i can not say enough how cool this plane is. he has gone above and beyond as usual with this skins. when i first saw it this last wednesday, i was in awe. what he is able to do to a foam board airplane is just amazing.


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I am thinking about building a full on flight simulator (not just a desktop one). What software is better X-plane of FSX? If neither what are some really good free or low price simulators? I am hoping to be able to do multiplayer, combat, and civilian flying while still having many planes to fly. Any ideas?

Also any ideas for instrament panels, rudder pedals, and good throttle? Thanks!