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FT What Did You Do RC Today : Caution Offtopic At All Times


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There's been a lot going on for me the past week so I haven't been doing much on the hobby, but a bunch of new stuff will be coming up soon👍. The ol' Sliver gave its last for some family that was visiting, and is finally completely ready to retire and be rebuilt. My AET jet with the airliner fuselage will be done here soon. I decided to go low wing rather than high, so we will see how it goes. I still have to trouble shoot the mini scout or just repurpose the electronics, a whole nother unused 1806 electronics kit, and my beat up RETjet that will either be rebuilt or repurposed. That's a lot of stuff to work with🤔. Feel free anyone to give a shoutout or suggestion of something you'd like to see me design/build!


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Nacelle is on, and I've experimented a bit with poster board for making a more detailed cockpit. I gave this one a good airliner or cargo style cockpit. A bit crude, but more detail then I've done before. I was going to make the nacelle a large closed off piece, but what was going to be the full body simply became the supports for the tiny wedge shaped motor pod I made out of two small thing squares of wood. It closes off the motor mount in a wedge shape so there's no flat draggy surface.



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Today I assembled a new Tundra for a student and maidened it for him! All was well and it flew brilliantly.

I then Buddy boxed him and we did a short flight.

After a little further discussion we went for another buddy box flight. The student complained that it was way too windy for him, (I was struggling as well becaause when it gets really windy it also get extremely turbulent as well). Anyway on final approach the wind really stiffened such that during my final turn the wind blew so hard that the plane started to drift towards the trees and left the normal approach line. I banked it hard and applied significant elevator to bring it back when it stopped responding completely, (A LOS). Needless to say it went into the trees and bounced straight out again but it had lost all of its speed and it crashed from a height of about 20 ft nose first!

One small tear in a wing and the nose of the fuselage cleanly snapped off! The bird is already repaired and a bit of reinforcing tape has been applied to the wing LEs. The Rx has been exchanged for a known good Rx and the antennas relocated to an alternate location!

MEGA embarrassing no the less!

Have fun! (I didn't).


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A Sense of accomplishment, good luck, and Failure...
I worked on my TYRO99. Diagnosing it's condition after the kersplunk in the only water filled ditch in about a 4 acre stretch, trying to keep safe. While adding power, I put a smoke stopper in circuit to be safe.

1) Powered on without the smoke stopper lighting
2)I took the video system out. Removed the VTX and replace it, with a similar model, relocated wires to use to appropriate plugs. Tested and it all works. Sends video. and if I need to switching cameras, it will now be very easy. :)
3) Then I dug deeper and performed a damage survey. It has no damage that I can tell. No tell-tale signs of puddled or blistered chips. as I could see.:eek:
4) Plugged USB in and checked Beta Flight. I Checked settings, confirmed the signal was being received in the tab, Check, then I spun each motor up, and then all together. Check.:D
5) As everything Seemed to check out, I was ready for prime-time. I took it outside, plugged in a battery, and readied the controller. The motors, don't run/arm. with direction from the Transmitter. (I am using my Radiolink AT10):unsure:

Please Help - What am I missing?

Also cut more of the BOT


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What do you do when you have a cool new plane that you want some awesome aerial shots without using any FPV or chase quads? You stick your wife's DSLR on a tripod in the middle of the runway and buzz that sucker right? Wrong...


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My cool AET plane was all kids of bad. It would not even fly. I think a lot of it was that the CG was too far forward, but it also might not been acheiveing enough thrust. I think CG and thrust angle killed it. I may pursue a similar plane to this in the future but the important thing was leaning new building skills. I have a v-Sliver to rebuild with a stronger nose and cool hood scoop, stronger wingtips and a hair more elevator and rudder. I think after that, I will try my AET slender delta build again with another motor. This is a platform I know in terms of CG and handling and stuff, I just need to train on full aileron roll control andbarrel rolls! I'll be doing build guides too, so basically dropping back for a bit and perfecting my good designs before I move forward.


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Updating the fuselage template for my V-Sliver. Will use the exact same for any AET slender deltas(picture the V Sliver with winglets instead of dihedral tips, and a tailplane). Here's the old poster board template next to the new sketch on graph paper. I need to make a "hard copy" of the new design, which changes very little besides adding a hood scoop and slimming down and streamlining as much as possible. I'll be adding a little internal structural support in the front of the nose like I did on the airliner fuselage I built. The nose on that is one tough customer.


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