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FT22 "flying" video

I took my underpowered FT22 out a few days ago and shot some video.

I smashed it up pretty good a day or two later, but it's back together and ready to go again.

@William A: Howdy :)
@skeplin: It's currently sporting a Turnigy Park 300 1080kv motor. I intended to get a 1380kv, but I guess I got impatient when placing the order. The battery is a 3cell 1000mAh. In flying today I only got about 5 or 6 minutes of flight time before the batteries got down 3.8v/cell. I have to fly at full throttle most of the time to get decent speed.

It feels underpowered to me, but flying slow is probably good for me & my piloting skills.
Hobbyking says that it should provide 360g of thrust, does not seem to less...
What is your final flying weight? Shouldn´t be too much with a so simple airframe and light electronics :cool:


Senior Member
I had a Park300 on mine too...way under powered. I'm looking for a larger motor...maybe a Suppo. What size is the "beef" that Bixler talks about?