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FTCC'18 WWII - Dornier Do 335 Pfeil


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Well I am working on 3d printable simple retracts, I want to release those as quickly as possible so you could use that one it's done.


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Boy - that would be great. I've had a little experience with those... DIY Retracts, but I need to use a little heavier wire.
Can't wait to see your design. Any retract system will be added weight, so I'm going to see how well the belly landing goes. At the very least I can make several replaceable parts and just fasten them so they come off on impact????


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Not really sure about landing. The exact same thought went through my mind. I'd need retracts for FT-sized wings, as this wing won't have a lot of room for the gear (which would have to be relatively long). DIY retracts sounds great!


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Finally got around to finishing this beast! I wanted something fast to fly at Flite Fest Texas so I dug into my trove of plans and threw a model together. Got a couple flights in on Saturday when the wind wasn't so aggressive... if anyone wants the plans I'll definitely post them upon request. I think the horizontal stabilizer could be a bit bigger but it still flew great! Just need to dial down my throws and maybe add some flaps.

Pics/ Flight Video:


Thanks to Jason Camp for recording the maiden!
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