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FTCC'18 WWII Horten Ho 229

For Flite Fest 2018 I will attempt to make a 1:10 scale Ho 229. I already have an FT Arrow conversion with a 29" wingspan. It will have a wingspan of 48" and likely be a twin pusher slotted prop design however depending on funding, possibly a twin EDF. I will attempt to make it truly tailless with drag brakes.

2 prototypes were built, 1 flown and crashed after about a dozen flights. It was to be the successor to the ME 262. The war ended before it could be put into production.

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Oh yes. ANd you'll be bringing it to FFE'18, right?
That's the plan. I already brought my own conversion of an FT Arrow to 229 to FFE17 (see profile picture). I was planning on building a fully tailless version before this challenge started. Now I just have a reason.
Okay so I'm trying to decide what to use for power on this design. I've never used EDF's before and this one would be a twin. It's going to have a span of 48" which puts the engine inlet openings at about 40mm. Would a twin 40mm EDF be enough for a 48" wing? I'd like to get about 5 mins of flight time mostly just cruising around with occasional high speed passes for effect.


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Two reasonable quality 40mm EDFs will get you there if you keep the AUW to around 2 lbs. You may be able to get a pound of thrust out of each one.

Watching with interest. Wing without vertical stabilizer is something on my list... so pave the way forward.
Yeah it's all new territory for me as well. I'm working on the EDF setup right now. The prototype will be built with fins just to get a feel for how it flies. I have a couple ideas of how to do the drag rudders after that. I'm considering using a gyro for yaw control as well.