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FTFC´18 WWII Arado Ar 555-3 designed by Zephyr1


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The Arado Ar 555-3 is a variation of the Ar 555, but with one engine instead of six. The proposed wingspan was anywhere from 69 to 103 feet. And because I'll be using a single engine, I'm going to lowball it and make give it a wingspan of 72 inches, which should give a 70mm edf the proper size dimension. This is what I've sketched up so far, I'm probably not going to work too much for a little while, but winter break is coming up soon. But it will get done, I've really like this design for a while.




Beta Plans: These are barebones, if anyone attempts this please ask questions!
View attachment Spars.pdf
View attachment Arado wing 2 mk2.pdf
View attachment Stabilizers.pdf
View attachment Arado wing 1 mk2.pdf
View attachment Wintips.pdf


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Awesome! I'm very excited for it! I do have a question for some of you though, and that is the powerplant. I'm planning on using a 70mm edf, but I'm not sure how to optimize it for a larger bomber aircraft (# of blades, esc..), albeit one with a lot of wing. Any suggestions?


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I'm going to use two metal geared 9g servos for the elevators and regular plastic geared 9g for the other control surfaces. Overall, I'm expecting the weight to be around 1800g but i'm not sure how accurate of an estimate that is. The retracts are definitely going to add some weight. Wing2.JPG


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Finals ended! And i have time now! so expect alot more on this soon. The wooden reinforcement will be used for the retracts I am going to screw in (stealing Ben's idea on the F-4)


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As promised, I would get to work on this, and it's pretty nearly done, minus the nose and engine mounted. The pushrods are connected, I'm gonna be using elevons but with two surfaces on each side. I've also installed a bomb release. I'm very excited!


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Guys, I think i'm close to maiden. I need to do more to secure the EDF but that's just about it.
P.S. that's a ruler on the wing for scale.


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So I have some good and bad news. I maidened it! And it flew amazing! It couldn't take off of the grass, so i hand launched it. But about a minute and a half into the flight, one half of the elevons disconnected and it crashed. I've recovered it and the nose area, next to the front wheel is pretty structurally unsound. As of now I'm torn between trying to repair it and building a new one. I'll see how it goes tomorrow, but it will fly again!

p.s. The video quality isn't that great, should i post it or no?


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Yes post the video!! We want to see this fly!! :applause:

And also, I can't give you credit for flight in the contest scoring until we see video. :)


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I'm sorry I couldn't post it, it's really bad. The airplane had to be scrapped; i didn't think it was salvageable. The good news is that I built a new and improved version of it yesterday, and have a much better video now!

p.s thanks to my younger sisters for helping