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FTFC - April Showers Challenge

I'll add my name to the pile. Considering I've already performed this challenge last month with my Versa Wing, I'm confident I can accomplish it with a new build as well. Maybe it'll be a good reason to build a Sea Duck... :)


Building Fool-Flying Noob

WHAT another one!? you're CRAZY FoamyDM!
will I get extra points if I fly a white foamboard plane in the rain.....without minwax or tape?
HA! That would be fun to see. That's a one-shot maiden, isn't it. Do what you must, I'll be having my eyeball out.


Toothpick glider kid
I really want to partake in this challenge but I am afraid that I can not focus too much on aircraft or YT until this school year is over. All of the state tests and finals are going to steal all of my time but please host another event in June once I am off of school. Once the textbook hits the floor the knife and foam will return.

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
also thats 2 months (-1 day) for me. for foamydm and foamtest i know its been like a month and a half since they last posted. still a while.


Skill Collector
I've got another story of partial and delayed success here. :p

The pontoons are half fiberglassed and behind me in this picture, but here's my FT Simple Scout getting into her Italian Airforce colors.

Will post pictures of the pontoons with her tonight :)



Skill Collector
All done with the paint up top. I think I'm going to leave the pontoons with the bare fiberglass over WRFB. It looks pretty cool :)


Just need to finish the bottom of the wing and stuff the electronics in.


Skill Collector
Propped up on her floats...


I love the color difference on this scheme - great for orientation, which I need lots of help with :)

Just a short list left...

- Aileron linkages
- Fiberglass the back of the floats (partially done which gives it that cool wet speckled look)
- Install power pod (it's already built and wired)
- Install / program receiver
- Balance w/ and w/o floats
- Maiden!!
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Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
WICKED!!!! oh so THAT is how you make the nice bull's-eyes on the wings.. hmm.. interesting... i need to learn some good painting techniques...

Looks absolutely STUNNING btw...


Skill Collector
Thanks! Putting the bulls eyes on was a bit of a pain in the rear, but I got better the more I did. With masking like this, I learned to avoid using masking tape and use weights and pins instead. It would have been easier if I used a heavy paper or poster board for the patterns too. And as soon as you finish spraying a color, get the masking off - don't let it sit there and dry into the paint. Using the washers for weights worked out nicely cause I could just pick them straight up with a magnet and not bump anything sideways. Then let it dry a lot before doing the next color so the masking paper doesn't stick to the layer it's covering. I had to redo a couple spots cause I was impatient.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
The redo of the LPL submarine is ready to maiden (this model) once I get some Landing gear built.

I have the Lincoln sport plane cut out ... and past that I will see.

I have a set of LPL Pontoons build and ready I think i will just built a strut cage and use it for both models. with a spot for wheels for ground launch.
Sadly I have a wedding this weekend to be at and family coming in to help so my time will be very limited this week.

And I would like extend my apologies to those participants here and my other challenge who have worked at this to only have me fumble my life-work-family-planes juggling act as of late. With that, thank you all who have pushed on despite the driver sleeping at the reins.

@rockyboy - I agree that Paint scheme is to vibrant and easy to spot and follow. What wire did you use for gear? I've been using the LS flags (as I have many) and they are falling short. I want give, but not bend.

@ Grifflyer - I look forward to seeing it

@Daniel Kazar - How's your's coming (not fully seeing?)

@foamtest - I think we all agree here. Life/school comes first,we know exam prep end-of-year things are very consuming.