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FTFC'18 WWII Borovkov-Florov D designed by J-MaxRC

Hello everyone!

I'm Jean-Maxime ''J-MaxRC'' and here is my project.... The Borovkov-Florov D!! I know I'm kind of late to the party but better late then not there huh??!!

Got far to much busy and distracted on other things to take the time to put the video I wanted together...!

So here is the video everything is mostly there, everything explain...


And if you want the long video footage of the prototype flying there is the video from my friend Jurgen Walter who help me out back in early september!!


What's on this plane?
-1/10 scale
-59.5 inch width
-All Foamboard *for the first moke-up
-Lynxmotion 2835-930kv(did try it with a cheap chinese 2212 1000kv 10inchprop. and flew pretty well for 2min before burning out...)
-12inch prop.
-3s 2200mah LiPo
-3 9g servos

What's will be on the next one:
-Make it fly with the standard FliteTest Power Pack
-Make it fly with a scale 3 blade 12inchs prop. with hhhuuuuuuggggggeee motor on 4s , probably...!
-Retract landing gear
-Bomb drops
-4 channel(with rudder this time)(probably flap too so 4ch.+flaps+bomb+retract=7?? hum... will need a new radio maybe..... The wife won't be happy...!)
-More seemless and scale body
-Carboard rocket tubes
-(Maybe) do something with those rear facing rocket tube for the RamJet booms :)

Thank you so much everybody, I will be stealing a lots of your ideas fro the version 2 of the plane!!! But I think the contest is all about that rigth??!!



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Awesome! I've added you to the line up. :applause:

Please make sure to post a link to the plans for both the Phase 1 contest scoring and so others can take a run at building this cool design.
I just read that the scoring where out from yesterday..!! That is sad since I could not make make the video cause of the weather.!! Anyway will still get the stuff out as I go..!! My main Borovkov will be far more complex than this one...!!! Just need some time as always..!
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J-MaxRC - looks great! Can you provide information about the angles for the anhedral you used and dihedral amount?