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FTFC'18 WWII FH-1 Phantom designed by Namactual

This little guy here

It's light on power, but it will do the job. In fact it will be just like the real Phantom. It was not the best performer, but it was very important as it really was the stepping stone into the jet age for the US forces.

Hopefully his will be a stepping stone for some into EFD's.

The best part is, once all this is done I can modify it into one of my fav's fairly easy. The F2H Banshee. I will be putting more watts into that one for sure. :)

In the meantime, I had a brainstorm at work today about my engine pods. Hopefully it works as well in polygons as it does in my head.

Wish me luck!
Thanks brother, I needed it!

Wow, ok. So I actually made progress.
It my not look like much, but the heavy lifting is done. Don't worry about the holes just forward of the fans, there will be separate skins attached in those locations. The skins will have submerged inlets cut on the bottom main faces. The main intake area is open, but there are ribs running from the fuse to the wings. Flow will not be optimal but, I am hoping the sublets will help as well as allow the fans to breath at higher AoA's. Depending on the test results I may put in proper intake ducting though the ribs, but I am trying to avoid unnecessary work. At the speeds this thing will be flying I don't think it will be a concern, but testing will decide.

The blue object up front is the battery. It's a pretty standard 2200mha 3 cell so there will be a TON of room for electronics and battery placement. The entire open area at the top of the fuse will be covered by a removable hatch and there will be holes in the bulkheads for wire routing. Easy access is is a must. I need room to work.

I hope to start building the pods by Sunday so I can test flow and thrust with everything installed ASAP.

After more testing, the EDF's do in fact draw 18amps and produce 450 grams of thrust...

...all you have to do is plug in a 4 Cell battery. :p

I do not plan on running a 4 Cell. I just thought I would test it and sure enough, it pulls the exact numbers the mfg advertises as running on a 3 Cell. :rolleyes:
Hehe, scale TWR is 0.32 to 1. If I am that low I am in trouble. ;)
I expect to have around 0.66 to 1 running a 3 cell and around a 1 to 1 running a 4 cell.

Thanks DamoRC!

I am still not quite happy with the nozzle area, but I don't think there is much more I can do. :( The 50mm's are about twice the size of the scale turbines.
If I did not have such disdain for paper, I am sure I could make it look more scale. Maybe after alpha testing I will redesign with paper nozzle skins.

...paper... ::shudder::

Anyway, with the foam skins above I am ready to start pulling apart the model and creating prints for the engine pod/center fuse section. I do not know if I will get to it tonight though. My brain feels like slush.
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Looking at the plans... man, wouldn't it be great to plug this into your 3D foam printer and... hey, that's my idea for all you patent lawyers out there. That would be really cool, let it print over night and fiberglass the skin the next day.
Prints are done for the core structure. The pod skins will wrap around this part.
Hows the old saying go, "if it's easy, it isn't worth doing"?
Well, this is either worth doing or madness. I have not figured out which yet.
Thanks Damo!
Just for you brother
I was REALLY surprised how easy this was to put together. I know it looks complicated, but the things I thought were going to be a pain actually turned out to be easy to assemble. I was not being careful at all. It is a lot to cut though, and I am always meticulous with my cuts.

The only area that I am not happy with was the forward fuse. I was in too much of a hurry and tried to glue the entire section in one shot. As a result it cured slightly twisted. As a rule, I never try to glue skin wraps in one go, but things were just going so smoothly I figured I could hack it.

Nope, never again.

I can already see she is going to need a diet. The frame alone weighs in at 90grams. She is stout though, that box spar and EDF housing are crazy strong. Really happy with the way that turned out. I always over build though. The double layered fuse is overkill. I might just double up the bottom battery tray and add some smaller gussets just aft of the main bulkheads on the sides.

Now the fun part, wrapping this puppy so it actually looks like something.
That is really amazing. I have never seen a CAD design like that for DTFB planes! Very impressive.

The build looks great so far! Keep up the good work!
Thanks guys!

I would not call it CAD, but I use a 3D model/animation software program called Cheetah 3D. (mac os only) A windows equivalent would be something like 3D studio MAX, Maya, or Softimage. You could use just about any animation suite for this though. The only stipulation would be the program has to be able to handle separate coordinate systems for both objects as well as a global. After that, the ability to export planar UV coordinates for plans.

It's probably not the easiest way, but it is the most flexible.

I did not get much work done on the Phantom last night, It's been crazy at work the last two days. I did get the EDF's and thrust tubes installed. Also wired in the ESC's. I hope to have the pod skins done tonight. I can't wait to get the thrust test out of the way. The rest of the build should go rather quick. I could have it up in he air by next weekend.

Not this weekend though, I am airshow bound this Saturday and Sunday. :)
Pod skin prints are done and printed.
I should probably call it a night, but I know I will not be able to sleep until I get this done anyway. Time to bust out the knives and fire up the hot glue gun...
It's starting to look like something
I went together better than expected, not as nice as I had hoped. Those ducts on the bottom are going to have to be reworked. There just was not enough meat left on the surrounding area and became very fragile. Once glued they are fine, but getting them there bends and creases them.

My next build will have the bottom plated glued into place first and them cut out.

One more skin to cut and install, but not tonight.


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I'm stunned too. In my world that would be rated exceptional, which is the highest marks.
Goes to show that I'm going to have to get a MAC, or CAD to do things in one pass. Truly great work.