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FTFC'18 WWII Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket, by Grifflyer and JimCR120

I finished V2!


the biggest changes happened in the nacelles


I changed the nacelle up to incorporate more foam to in hopes to eliminate the weak points that were encountered in V1.


I also made it with a flat bottom so adding landing gear later on wouldn't require much modifications.



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I like the format of the plans Griff. Very professional looking. What program did you use do put that together?

Does anybody know how to pronounce build-ruary? Maybe it's just me but my tongue gets a little twisted.
Go whole hog. Either do the Texan thing and throw Rs at it until it can't take any more, or do the British thing and drop Rs until they're all gone. :p


Got Lobstah?
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I'm from Illinois but here in Maine they have their own zaniness with R's. The rule pretty much goes like this. If it's spelled with an R, pronounce it with an "ah" sound. If it normally has an "ah" sound, force in a definite R sound.
"Drawer" should sound like "draw" and "drawing" sounds like "droring".