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Pumpkin drop event

FTFC'18 WWII SAM-7 designed by FoamyDM


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I was thinking more basic shapes - mid-wing warbird, high-wing civil airplane, flying wing, radial engine, raised three blade propeller on a circular disc (maybe two tone?), an RC transmitter, etc. Not too sure of my 3D modeling abilities, nor of the equipment capabilities yet - but we'll be learning soon :)


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That should be Fun. I hope you post some results (and .stl files)

PLEASE note the update to the signature. (your fault Rockyboy) :)


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As for the chocolate aircraft you could do a mold for a chocolate parachutist. It would be a great gimmick to drop a number of chocolate parachutists from the K12 or even the large FW 42 for the kids to catch/collect and eat!

If small enough the parachutes could simply be paper napkins and a little fishing line.

Just a chocolate thought!

Have fun!


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I'm going to jump in here and mention that I know of at least two people who have actually built rubber powered SAM-7 models in accurate scale representation. As I recollect, both got theirs flying, and both resorted to a clear vertical stab at the back of the fuselage. I seriously considered building one back in the day, but flying scale competition was in another life for me and that's ancient history along with all the crazy projects I cranked out back then.


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You people actually owe me now. Through much digging, I actually located the flight video for Greg West's SAM-7 flying under rubber power at the 2009 Nationals (who needs radio control?)

As impressive as that is, this one leaves me completely in awe (notice the subtle aft extension of the tip plates and roughly 10 degree toe-in as well as the apparently extended and thinned rear fuselage):

Yet another built from the 16" dime scale plan from the September 2010 Flying Aces newsletter:
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I was going to post these earlier, but they are screen shots from the first vid showing the toe-in-ed-ness of the tip rudders

toe-in Front.JPG

I'm going to fix the wings tonight and give it a whirl in my cul-de-sac... (Mistake #1)
at night (Mistake #2)
with an untested plane (Mistake #3)

Should be fun! :)


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Wingtips are toed in about 5-8° (sorry no picture).
So I tried to lift the plane off from the driveway, the wheel were not equally slick... so fail, hand launch.. unstable fail.

I have a few other ideas. Larger Wingtip fins, and a Cheater fuse fin for now. I know what I'll be trying out tonight.


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Before the end of the year (Failure Video pending) I added clear side fin extensions, and clear non-operable cheater rudder-fin and put in a 2204 2300kv motor in there on a small 800 3S.

To video it I use a tuck-in-my-hat-brim-cam which didn't fare well through the launch. (going a-kilter) It didn't flutter like the first launch but it did invert and shortly dive into the ground... just not sure why... It's not much different than a flying wing... streamers?

I had high hopes for this plane. While I've not officially given up. I think I will try for some other successes.

I might give a try at a longer more tapered fuselage.

I certainly enjoyed the experience!


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Last Thursday, at the end of my flying day, decided to give the balance on this another try. I had two successes-ish. one was a Hover for about 2 solid seconds. and the other was maybe a glide of about 40ft. It had Full up elevator. My kids were tired of my futzing with it. so I will do some more fiddling, and try it again, Later this week.
Video soon, as my son/videographer was trying a new through the hand/finger filming technique. he did manage to get the longest "flight" on there... but I have to edit it. Have to. For those who care... it's coming.


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As you can see I hoped to work it out that night... but my boys were patient enough to watch daddy without getting a try for themselves.
things broke just as they tried their own. dropped the transmitter on their banggood c-17 losing power to the transmitter. the the o-ring came off, with no replacements just as my oldest was getting his turn. I was sad for them. : (

I think I will have this soon.

looked over the plans and pics. and had an idea, what about adding a 2-3° Alpha/angle of attack


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I know DamoRC.
As unfortunate it is to have my son shove his fingers and hand over the subject matter (a lot) I smile knowing how much he loves filming, and that he is doing his own type of testing and scientific method regarding the camera and learning how the exposure works.

I left in the "Can we go home now?" To understand why when so close, would I give up.

I will be VERY excited to get this and the K-12 Bomber up and Flying too. Then we could have a Fighter squad escort up and going.