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Building Fool-Flying Noob
So Today is the First Day of the Challenge, Let the Challenge BEGIN!
You may open you foam packets and begin the contest!

"Good Luck to you all, and good Building!"

Hot Cow Pies! I can't believe how I missed all these entries. (this feed isn't notifying me :()

I am updating the entry post.
For those who haven't, please remember post your build thread so we can follow (I'm looking in the mirror here)

I have already made good headway on the Flying wing... Servos and components ready to go. Which I started at midnight.
Good Morning FT Folks,
I am building a FT Goblin, a new FT Mini Arrow and resurrecting two HZ Super cubs. One will be restored to original condition by blending parts from two broken planes. The other gets restore to flying condition with mods. Including a Parkzone 450, 25a esc, new lemon rcvr and aileron/Flaps wing mod. Does the Super Cub restoration and modification count?


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Does the Super Cub restoration and modification count?
WELCOME to the Challenge Captain Video!
Short answer Yes, The details were discussed here.

Entry update complete! 12 ENTRIES!

Welcome All. It's great to see some familiar faces here, and a number of new ones! for me, this journey is the epitome in Time Management (optimizing build time, and field time).

I wish everyone great fun and success!


Building Fool-Flying Noob

Come join us fools - build 4 airplanes
you've already been meaning build them. Do it this month! If you join, you'll be ready when flying season starts. :)
For me it is mad-cap nonsense. For you, I bet it will be non-stop fun!

Note: The fish is flying - that's you, when you try this challenge


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Ya'll are crazy - and I admire that :p

When this nasty below freezing weather breaks for me I'm going to try to finish up my FW-42 build, clean my shop, build a dual transmitter field case, rebuild my FT Simple Scout fuselage, and possibly refinish a bass guitar that's been taking up room in the shop for too long before starting my next new plane project.


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@Paracodespoder, I hope your experience with an overpowered mini-ez goes well, I built one and on a 2204 launching was insanely hard. Due to torque roll, the plane would be pretty much upside down before I could get my hand back to the sticks. Launching lefty may have worked, but being right handed I don’t think I’m ambidextrous enough to make it work.
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