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FTFC19 Wing Commander Hornet designed by AircPirateNinsei

I have created a decal sheet and will test it soon. If everything fits it will be published.


If someone is interested in testing this BETA decal sheet, please contact me.

Alternatively the sticker for the fuselage could also look like this:

What do you think?
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I've reworked the decals again and especially included the KILLER BEES Logo, which can be seen in the game, when the canopy closes:


The decal sheet has a size of 800 x 550 mm (31.5 x 21.65 in):
I have also added Airc Pirates logos if anyone wants to use them. And I created a QR code with the URL to the download page. I will stick it on my new Hornet and interested people on the flying field can start their QR scanners in the smartphones and visit the download page:


In the local printshop the sheet on white self-adhesive foil cost me 20 Euros (about 22 dollars):

The decal sheet is now available for download as a pdf file.

Have fun!:)
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