Solved FTFC20 Classic to Modern Forum Challenge!


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I am considering entering the
FTFC20 Classic to Modern Forum Challenge!
But I am not sure I could complete all the requirements on time and am playing with having plans for traditional foamboard construction and separate plans for a mix of foamboard and 3D printed parts.
Here are some beta parts I printed for a proof of concept.


It is a large plane as you might guess from the pics. What are the restrictions on what materials can be used?


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The scoring is setup expecting foam board, but build in the way that inspires you and we'll let the scoring fall where it may! As long as you have plans released (or files in this case) and video of flight, I'll score it! :D


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okeedokee, my first post is up, ill be getting this all printed off and starting on the build throughout the week. hopefully I can rally and get this all done by the deadline.

thanks for this challenge, rockeyboy, between this kick in the pants and NerdNic's how to videos, i really cant believe that i am like 90% done with the plans, and somewhat confident that it all will work out ok...


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Late to the party... well late to return. After a busy first quarter at grad school I'm throwing my hat back into the race with a fresh entry. A 20th century classic that FliteTest honored with an episode in the recent past: the famous twin engine Shrike Aero Commander flown by aviation legend and WW2 veteran Bob Hoover. Hoping to get the designing and prototyping started over the next week, fingers crossed!

Design: Mighty Mini Shrike Aero Commander
Inspiration: Bob Hoover
Forum Thread:



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Currently updating The plans for RB-2, Tabs vs slots and any errant labels or pieces. If the next flight attempt is like I hope, They will be posted Monday for sure. Likely the Same for the Foamy Prandtl-D:geek:.
I'm closing in on it all! If I finish them all, it'll be a miracle.


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Gosh dang Foamy you knocking these things out is an inspiration, thanks for the reminder. Gotta three day break this weekend thatll give me the time i need to finish... i hope