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FTFC20 Jack Lynn Bale Lockheed U2 A/B Re-Done by LitterBug?

Been resisting the urge to throw my hat in this one since the last two years I have come up with less than complete projects. But THIS build is on my short list, and I have had a laser-cut wood model for several years, and would really LOVE to see this puppy become a viable option on the cheap and easy. The original plans were done by Jack Lynn Bale in '72. There are several variants of this plan out there on the standard plan sites that range from copies omegle xender of originals, to full recreations of the original. Here's a pic of my kit and the plans that came with it. Looks like wings will fit on a single sheet at this size so I hope to build it at this size. Kit was originally 117" for a 110mm EDF, but I had them scale it down to fit a 50mm ducted fan. Turns out they scaled it 50%. So wingspan will be 58.5" and a 64mm EDF may work as well.
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