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FTFC20 Quicky 500 designed by jfaleo1

L Edge

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One more because I need another project. I raced one of these in the mid to late 80's and it was truly a great machine. Stable, fast and easy to fly. Going to scale down to two sheets or less foam board. F or C pack are the plan.
Did you ever try the Scatcat?


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Did you ever try the Scatcat?
Yes I did. I flew three Quickies over the years competitively. The Quicky 500, Scatcat, and Quik-V (version 1). The Scatcat was the most successful for over the time I raced Quickie, but it was also the one I ran longest. The Quick-V was faster, BY FAR, but I only flew it for a couple years. The Quiky 500 was stable and rugged and far faster than it was given credit for if it was set up correctly. I even had it on floats for a race we had one year.
Hated the Scatcat, Quik-V was after our time. I had a young Jedi son who did pattern at 7, quicky500 at 9, Formula 1 with 65% nitro at age 11 at the Nats, then helis at 13(won second place at Nats) and jumped to heli FAI at 15. Won either first or second place no matter what he did when we were on the competition trail. Even held heli clinics at age 13!!!! setting up and instructing fliers how to improve. Career ended at 17 when he went to college.

I designed a quicky wing where I hot wired an undercut foam wing, glued 1/2 " carbon fibers across the wing for strength and then covered it using balsa caps then and monocote it. Fit the guage to check wings and came in light in weight. Allowed us to add weight balance so it didn't drop in turns. He always flew at about 10 ft off the ground. With F1's, he use to scare the crap out of the pylon workers cutting it low and very sharp at that speed.
Well Have the templates cut out for the V3 plans and it looks lite about 1 1/2 sheets. May go with a C pack but should still fly with less if I keep weight to a minimum. I have a couple new ideas that I may try out on a test wing before I decide if they will go in the final plans. After cutting out everything last night I really hope it flys as well as its original big brother.
One thing for certain motor cooling will be no problem but I need to add some cooling for the battery and the ESC.
Also servo install decisions need to be made. If I hold to the original that would be all internal with long pushrods, but short rod externals would be easy and quick. The wing servos will be dual no matter what internal with horns and rods on top.
Any opinions?