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FTFC20 Travel Air Mystery Ship by Basslord1124


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So here is my submission for FTFC20...the Travel Air Mystery Ship.


Just like the full scale thing where only 5 were made...the balsa versions aren't super common either (at least in comparison to other planes)

I did find these:

I have seen a few places where I can purchase plans too. As long as they aren't too expensive, I may do that. In the end I would like a good 30"-40" wingspan model.

The reason for picking the model is I remember first seeing it in my Real Flight simulator. The name caught my attention. And my wife, being the hippie she is, loved the name too. And without knowing much of the plane's limited history especially for racing, I found the plane on the sim to be what I would call a "lazy flyer". Plus with its long and rounded fuse it just kinda struck me as an easy going flying plane. Perhaps there was some sim settings that I hadn't changed or didn't notice that made it fly this way, maybe I was flying it too slow anyways, etc. I don't really know...just first impression was a nice relaxing flying airplane.

When preparing for this challenge and looking up airplanes, I looked up a list of the planes featured in the movie The Rocketeer (one of my favorite movies growing up) as it was kind of a "plane" movie. I knew about the GeeBee but didn't wanna do it for the challenge. Well sure enough, the Mystery Ship showed up in that list too.


So that sealed the deal on my plane choice. Wife loves the plane and it was in one of my favorite childhood movies.

From there, I was amazed to learn that only 5 were built AND that they were race planes.

So anyways looking forward to the journey. :)


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It has dawned on me that as of right now I have hardly done anything with this. Just had a lot of stuff going on here these past few months that I haven't really devoted much time to building, flying, etc. Things are turning around though. Hoping to regain my focus and see if I can make some progress with this plane.
Wow cool...thanks for the heads up @PsyBorg and @BridgeInspector ...I'll definitely take a look at it. :)

I think at this stage, I have came to the conclusion that I have doubts I will make the deadline for this (considering all that has went on over the past few months)...BUT I do want to tackle this anyways and at least attempt to build this plane. I'll keep updating this thread with any updates that happen.