FTFF West 2017 International Air Races: Rules and Registration


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Tim - really nice to meet you at FFW and thank you for organizing this event. I really enjoyed the watching the design and build process for all of the builds and I had a great time (albeit short) with the Caudron. I hope this will become a regular event at what I also hope will be a regular FF West.



Thanks again Aviator08, you organized a fun little event! Not your fault somebody crashed before the race.... :p

I had a blast, even though I totally felt all over the place most laps. My launch was especially dicey....don't know what it is about that plane, it just doesn't want to fly until I really get it going. Landing gear might've helped. Maybe next time. ;)

I just downloaded the telemetry from my radio, so here are some fun stats, at least from my spot in the race:

Max Current draw: 51 Amps
Max Power draw: 774 Watts
Max airspeed: 97 mph

I don't have any way of picking out the actual start/finish lines, but we can infer that most evenly-spaced "dips" in airspeed represent the pylon turns, so I've marked those with the vertical black lines, starting with the very first one after crossing the start 'line'.

Blue and Red lines use the lefthand axis. Green line uses righthand axis: