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FTFF15 First Aid Team


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
Hey guys, thanks for volunteering to help out with this year's event. I'm excited to announce that your team leader will be Ryan (crashrecovery). He did an outstanding job last year. Hopefully we don't make him work any harder this year than last. We had a great event with few, minor injuries.

Check back here often for updates, and for those who have been through this before feel free to post suggestions. New folks, please don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Looking forward to Flite Fest this year. See you there!

If crash needs anything or even some help have him message me, I have my first aid & CPR licensing, and although its now expired i did have my EMT-B license, i can renew it for the event, just have to go do something lik 45 hours of refresher courses and then retake the certs.


I'm a care bear...Really?
I'll have my jump bag ready to go. Besides that I'm gonna get my hands on some ice packs and the standard selection of humiliating bandaids. As for training and doing anything other then basic first aid, please don't. We are guest in the local department's jurisdiction. There are rules they have to follow that we don't know about or do. All I ask is helping me out and God forbid if it goes south just do what we need to do.


I'm a care bear...Really?
So who is on the only team that most likely do nothing the whole event...... Except fly, mingle, and possibly throw a water balloon or two at other teams


I'm a care bear...Really?
Hey gang if your still interested please send me in a pm,

Real Name
Screen Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Street Address
Department (which volunteer team will you be helping with?)

If you have someone that will be volunteering (spouse, children, friend etc) with you that does not participate on the forums, please include their information as well.