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funfighter 2825-1950kv

hi Guys

i got a motor from hobbyking (funfighter 2825-1950kv)
i also got a ESC from hobbyking (turnigy 30A SBEC 5.5V 2A.
do you think it will work together ?
i dont know why but the connectors are different. thats why i m not sure about what im doing..
please help :) thank you

edit : oh yeah i forgot one important think.. lol what kind of plane can i build for this engine ?

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what kind of plane can i build for this engine ?

MOTOR. Electric motor. Gas or glow Engines. Motors convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. Engines make engergy by converting fuels into energy (burning them) and then convert that energy into kinetic energy.


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Hobbyking is lacking on details for this motor, but in the comments it seems a 30 amp should be fine if you keep your prop a 6x5.5 or smaller. There are several sizes of bullet connectors. Are yours just different sizes or is it some strange connector plug? either way you can solder on matching bullet connectors or, if you are certain about wanting it spinning in only one direction, straight wire it.

I say throw it on a Wonder or a wing with a 6x4 and see what she does.
hihi it happens :)

thank you Bolvon72
the bullet connector are the same but with different size.. thats why i wasnt sure about.. but if you tell me that it ll working together then lets try :)
hi Guys i have one more question.. i did buy an rx/tx HK 900mgh 1500mw. but i just read that it may be difficult to use with my 2.4G radio.. ? i hear about filter or something, please can one of you guys point me on a correct link for this kind of filter ? thx :)