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Hi All.

My building binge took a bit of a twist as I ended up with a fuse on a mini scout that is not square. I'm not even sure how it happened as I used a triangle. It's as if the section beyond the "bend" (rear portion of the fuse) is at a different off square angle than the main portion of the fuse... like it twisted a bit. What can I expect from a flight perspective?? will it fly ok after a trim or shall I rebuild the fuse? Also, is there an easy way to remove pieces that have already been glued on beyond just cutting it off? Thought I heard somewhere that alcohol will loosen the bond of the glue.

Many thanks for any feedback.


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It's nothing to worry about. The wings are square to the tail.That's all that matters. Anyway, the front will probably square up when you insert the motor pod.

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Thanks for the reply d8. The plane's right wing is a bit higher than the left, which would make sense if that fuse is off as the wing goes through the fuse. As I look at it more closely, the vertical fin looks to be a little off center as well.



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+1 on what everyone has said so far. These FT planes are so great because you can build them the funkiest way and end up with the best flying plane ever. My brother built his first and only plane last summer and when the tail section AND the whole nose section got sliced off in combat, he taped it back together and flew it that evening. Some say it still resides in the attic to this day.... :D



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I flown the mini scout through everything even rain
and it's always flown amazing for me so you should be fine:D