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Futaba 14SG with Extras LifePo4, Skins, stick ends, lcd cover, switch covers, speaker

Hi, new to this forum but I'm also on rcgroups so you can check my ratings there same user name.

This is basically a new radio, has less than 10mins of flight time on it, no more than 2hr use just configuring the model and learning about the radio features on a bench. Purchased from Amazon new for $711.74, too late to return beyond the 30 days window. Upgrading to 18sz so this has to go as I need the funds. Not a single scratch on it, it still has the new smell. Asking $500


14SG Helo Tx (Smooth throttle)
R7008SB telemetry receiver new

Clear screen protector already installed
2200mah LifePo4 battery
Flared stick ends, also comes with original stick ends
Clear and Black skin covers
External Speaker with 3.5mm short run adapter
Padded the top and bottom battery cover with wrap to protect it
Short Stem neck strap balance which does not block screen
Will also include a copy of the Malcolm Holt supplemental Manual v8.0 I paid for.

From day one it was put in the black skin and protective covers were put on, not a single scratch on it basically a new radio at a great deal with many upgrades. I don't have the original box but will pack it so it ships without issues.

Will accept Paypal (buyer pays fee) or LPU.

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