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Futaba linked to BNF planes?

Hello everyone,
I quite new to this forum and to the hobby too. I've been flying planes and drones for quite a bit now, but mostly easy to fly ones like the night vapor and piper club. I recently bought a futaba transmitter to use with the bloody wonder I was building and realized that I could not use the transmitter with my other BNF planes. I now realize that most horizon hobby products are only compatible with spectrum transmitters, but is there any way I can bind my futaba transmitter to a BNF plane, even though they use different protocol? I know this might be a stupid question, but I was wondering if some type of add on to futaba transmitters exists?


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What type of Futaba transmitter do you have? It might be possible to fit a multiprotocol module to it which can change the protocol to the one that it adheres to. I have one on my Flysky i6 which I only use when I get non-DSMX airplanes that I need to fly with something else. Mine can do DSM/DSM2/DSMX (all Spektrum products though I have a spektrum transmitter so I don't actually need to use this setting) FASST (Futaba) ACCST (FrSky) AFHDS (most Turnigy products and all i6-type transmitters regardless of OEM) DMSS (JR) and a few much less common ones such as YD717 and KN/KNFX which are pretty much only used by proprietary products that are only meant to use one specific radio. DSM2 or DSMX is what the small BnF airplanes you have are using as they are Horizon Hobby products, and this is a very common 2.4ghz protocol, so basically any good multiprotocol module is going to support it.
Ok thank you for your advice. I have a basic futaba 6J and after a quick search I found a lot of modules that say that their compatible with it. Do you have any suggestions for something that works well but isn't too expensive?