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Futaba T8FG Super thoughts? I'm thinking about getting one.


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I have been thinking about a better radio for some time now. I have the Spectrum DX6i and while that radio works that is about all it does for me. I has done exactly what I wanted it to, it got me hooked on the hobby without spending a ton on money.

The Futaba T8FG Super finds itself on my list of possible pick ups. I recently listened to The Crash Cast from a few weeks about about radios and Futaba just kind of got passed over. The only comment I remeber hearing was more or less, you can't go wrong if you get FASST.

So how does this radio do? I know I'm giving up BNF which is kind of nice but I'm not going to let that make my mind on a radio. I'll get PNP and spend a little extra on recievers if I want something from Horizon Hobby. I don't mind the DX8 but it doesn't have flap paddles in the sides and I like that idea a lot. The one thing I wonder about on the T8FG Super is do they run heli and plane? I keep seeing the radio listed as a heli radio OR plane radio. Then I watch reviews and such and no one mentions this part of the radio at all. I have seen a few reviews now and I can't even take the clues there and create an edjucated guess from them.

Any help would be awesome. I want a good radio and I need to know if this will fit the bill or not.

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It's a fantastic radio but you don't have to give up BNF to get a good radio. Have you looked at the DX7s and DX8? My friend was in the same boat last month. He needed to get a 7 channel radio for his nitro heli and has a DX6i. He was really looking hard at the 8FG super as well. He likes a lot of the stuff they have and so do I. But, for the price the DX7s is a damn good radio. Plus he can still fly all hisbind n fly stuff, plus he can still use the cheap receivers, plus he has access to the downloadable setups, plus he can pirate settings off mine. He was back and forth for a while. After he settled on his DX7s, he hasn't touched his DX6i and says every time I talk to him how much he likes his 7. He only wishes he had got the DX8.
Spektrum radios come with both heli and acro programming. So does futaba, but futaba sets up their preferred setup for one or the other. The thing that I always hear about futaba is how difficult the programming is but once you get used to it you won't notice. Everyone says they love the spektrum menus though. Even Bixler still loves his DX8 because of the ease of use.

You won't be disappointed in the Futaba, but I would definitely consider the Spektrums first.