Help! Gas engine in 800 class helicopter


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I've been flying planes, helicopters, and multirotors for near 8 years now but they have all been electric, powered by our beloved LiPo batteries. I've not got a curiosity about a gas engine being tucked into an 800 class helicopter. I would rather have a gas engine versus nitro because gas is MUCH cheaper.

Would you guys be able to suggest a suitable motor?

One guy that I've spoken to suggested a Zenoah G38 engine. Would this truly be a suitable option? If not, please explain why.

I'd be grateful for all suggestions.


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Upfront, I won't be able to answer your question about a gas engine in a 800 class heli. I only ever flew electric helicopters, and the last time I did was about 8 years ago. I miss those good ole (cheap ) hobbyking Trex clone kits.

Anyway, I don't know how many people here fly helicopters, so an answer to your question might not be found with a member here. However, there is a forum dedicated to RC helicopters that I joined many years ago and is still active called HeliFreak. I'm sure someone there can answer this question for you or point you towards a build thread.

I'm not trying to steer you away from this forum, but it might help answer your question(s).


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I really enjoy flying my electric helicopters, including an HK Clone 500, lol. I've just recently gotten an urge to have an 800 gasser.

I really had no idea if anyone here would have an "actual" solution, never hurts to ask.

It's funny that you mentioned HeliFreak....I completely forgot all about that forum. I'll ask some questions around there. Thanks buddy!