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Gearing up ready for aerial video/photography work, recommendations needed.


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I got a Phantom 3 Pro with the intention of building a portfolio of aerial video and photography work. I've bought some ND filters, followed the tuts on camera settings for the 4k camera and have Photoshop for the photo post processing. I've also got Adobe Premiere Pro for the video post processing but I don't like it much. There's nothing wrong with it I just don't like all the bloat that comes with Adobe products. I like keeping a tight rein on what's installed on my rig. Can anyone recommend a decent video editor that plays nice with 4k video? I have a Windows 10 desktop PC for the editing work.


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Have you looked at Powerdirector14 (ultra) yet? I'm thinking about getting it. It seems more noob friendly than other video editors and less expensive than Vega (which is supposed to be very good). I've used powerdirector 10 before but the new version has some really nice features.