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General prop question on a Quad


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So i have once again krasched and busted one of my props and it´s time to order some new ones to have in spare. What I´m wondering is about the three bladed props. Pros or cons?

The two sizes of props I´m using right now on my quad is 10x4,7 and 11x4,5. If I was going to buy three bladed props which size should I go for and what are the true benefits on using three bladed props?


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From my experience 3-bladed props don't work as well as 2 blades. My quad wobbles or shakes much worse on decent into its own down-wash. Apparently David on Flitetest agrees.


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3 blade props (I have heard) are much less efficient. only use 'em on multurotors if you are really pressed for space.
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Yes, that is correct and 3 bladed props are more complicated too balance. You can produce more (inefficient) lift with 3 bladed props on the same diameter like 2 bladed props. So 3 bladed are only useful on very small copters where you wouldn't get enough lift otherwise.
Cheers Kraut Rob