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Get David Windestål permanently on FliteTest!

What should David do?

  • I don't like David. He should stay away from FliteTest.

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Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
That was fast! David is now working full time in the electronics field according to his site so that may be a major conflict. I would like to see him as well on flite test though.

I would love to see David back more often doing lots more work on the Flitetest projects. His video's are outstanding and his idea's on how to improve this hobby and make it accessable to everyone is second to none. Think of how many RCEplorer.se Tricopters are flying around? must be tens of thousands around the world.....Says it all really.

I wonder what stinkjuice thinks of David lol

Myself I like David, I like him enough to visit his site too and enjoy his videos. I can understand crossing the pond often could be a task so maybe a remote feed.

You may wanna think about adding a cosmetics person to the crew. His cheeks get a little red! Even without slapping them. Are you nervous David?

Anyways, I love everything you guys are doing.


Propaganda machine
If you look at the episodes when Dave's around, not just when he's in them, they're another cut above standard FT (which is a pretty high standard). Dave brings a freshness to the hobby and draws out the entire crew's 'evil genius'. Apparently the issue is getting a green card. I made some suggestions in the 'ask Chad' thread as to how to get him one...


How many letters do we ge
Think of how many RCEplorer.se Tricopters are flying around? must be tens of thousands around the world.....Says it all really.
One behind me right here, down in Australia.

And another box contains bits for a mini quad (apart from the CF which should be leaving HK soon).

Cheers David!


PS- David, you have to get the FT crew into gliding.


Gremlin on the Wing
It is great to see you here on the forum again David...

But if you would drop Sweden for Ohio, I think you've been leaving the cap off of the old CA bottle a little to long.

I've never been to Sweden, but I hear that the chicks there are Swedish!:D

Jokes aside, it would be great to see you on the show fulltime, or just more that what you have been. Your creations, and monkeyshines are a pure treat.

Good luck in any path you choose!


Rotor Riot!
I'll drop what I do in Sweden for Flitetest, anyday, anytime :)
Nice to hear from you, David!

It would be awesome if you moved to the US!

I built your v2.5 tricopter, worked great! But I disobeyed your order to use threadlock on the grub screws - so I crashed...