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Getting in some stick time with the mini quads...

This isn't article material but I had such a great time exercising the fingers the other day I wanted to share a couple of the videos.
The two frames I was flying were the R220 & PM300 mini quads. Both are frames I CNC cut myself as those who follow my articles on the main site will be aware.

The problem is that I have been so busy of late that I haven't flown in a while and was starting to lose all my confidence. A couple of nasty crashes had only served to make the situation worse. So when I had chance to spend a morning flying this week I tried to take it easy and get some relaxed rate mode practice in, rather than trying to bend as many props as possible.

Anyway, on with the videos...

If you would like to know more about the frames and Red20RC you can visit the sites:

Thanks for watching!