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Getting introduced to the hobby.

I really want to try out RC planes and the speedbuilds offered here seem to fit my taste but without ANY experience Im not quite sure what kind of plane would suit me. I think I would prefer the bank and yank type but I want it to be easy to get started but not dull after a few month of flying. The spitfire and bloody wonder are at the top of my list right now. You could recommend other planes aswell but I want to be able to afford it. I would apreciate help. Thanks.


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While warbirds are awesome, and the spitfire is supposedly quite easy to fly, I'm not sure a low winged warbird is the best place to start in the hobby.

a high qinged trainer is what I would suggest, contrary to FT I wouldn't suggest a 3 channel with a rudder though. You can start with a 3 channel, but make sure it's a aileron model, in the long run starting off with a aileron trainer will help you a lot more, it's how you'll fly later and when it tips of and is suddenly flying sideways because you where turning to hard, you can actually correct it.
The Ft Flyer good starter, Old Fogey good starter, spitfire good one bloody wonder is not a first plane in my opinion. I recommend a flight simulator if you have no flight experience and if you can find a local club, see if they offer to put people on a buddy box to get flight experience. Everybody loves the war birds but they are the toughest to fly. FT is coming out this week with the storch a good top wing trainer plane, might want to wait for it.
I'd have to say even though it seems boring the FT Flyer is alot of fun. I started with a modified versa wing and was in over my head. I took a step back and built the FT Flyer and happily progressed from there. Start off too advanced and you'll just get frustrated and discouraged.


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btw I assume you're swedish based on your nick. Have you checked if there's any small clubs near you ? I know in Sweden and Norway it can be hard to find other flyers if you live in the small towns, but often there is a few in the small towns even if you don't know of them since they don't advertise themselves. Of course if you live in or near the larger cities it all becomes a lot easier :)