Sold Getting out of hobby - FPV, Dx6i and lots of odds and ends for the tinkerer!


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I'm finding I don't have enough time for the hobby right now.
Due to the amount of stuff, I'd prefer to sell local (Columbus Ohio area), but if someone is willing to pay for shipping and buy the whole load, I'll ship.
I'd really like to sell EVERYTHING in one shot, but if there's something you really want I might part it out.

Asking $250 for the lot but I will entertain any reasonable offer. There's lots of good stuff!!! Please look at the pics as there's lots not listed below.

Receivers / Transmitters:
FPV Starter Set
Batteries and Chargers
  • Several Partially built quads, including a FT rotor bones, FT Versa Quad (broken front hub, use for parts).
  • Spare ESCs (mostly blue heli)
  • Lots of Props
  • Spare motors (mostly emax)
  • Naze32 computer
  • Prop Balancer
  • Shrink wrap, piles of wires, battery connections, and more.
If you are into DIY... BUY ME!!!


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Fourth if everyone else falls through.

I am particularly interested in the batteries, props, ESCs, and motors.

Interested also in the FPV gear.
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I would be willing to pick up the gear as well, to avoid the shipping costs, I am in Ohio as well...


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Keep us up to date on who gets it - I have a feeling we'll see some new pilots with new questions come out needing help. :)